School Meal Prices, Payments & Refunds

2020-2021 Meal Prices

$1.95 Elementary Lunch
$1.45 Elementary Breakfast
$2.35 Secondary Lunch
$1.50 Secondary Breakfast
$.40 Reduced Price Lunch
$.30 Reduced Price Breakfast
$3.50 Adult Lunch
$2.10 Adult Breakfast
$.50 Milk
Walking money bag


2020-2021 Lunch Payment Schedule Month/Term

(Schedule prices do not include breakfast)

  • Lunch Payments are no longer accepted at the Nutrition Services Office.
  • Cash and check payments are accepted in the school lunchrooms.
  • Online payments can be made 24/7.

Lunch Payments Link

If you are a first time my.DSD guardian user you will need to set up a guardian account. This is a one time setup. To set up a guardian account you will need to know your student ID and pin number.  If you do not know your student pin number, follow the online steps to determine that pin number.

After you have successfully created and logged into your my.DSD guardian account page, click on the link above and set up the payment information.

FYI...there are many other things available to you with your my.DSD guardian account.

All of these services are available online 24/7.

You can sign up for payments to automatically be deducted from your checking account on the 1st or the 15th of each month by filling out the auto pay form. You may return it to school or fax it to 801-402-7699 attn: Cindy Sears

Auto Pay Form


If you move out of the district, have a student that graduates, or need a refund for any other reason please contact the Nutrition Services office or email  A current mailing address, a student name, school, and/or id # are needed for refunds. A check will be mailed out to you. Cash refunds are not available.