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To access the required course that is provided through our partnership with Prevent Child Abuse Utah, click: Prevent Child Abuse Utah Educators Training | Recognizing and Preventing Child Abuse Training (  Educators may access the course through the PCAU website and print off a certificate of completion and the end of the course.  (Online course for adults working with Youth).

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points

Having a HACCP plan in place and following it will result in practices that will aid in further ensuring safe food for students as well as providing proof of those safe practices through documentation.

Staff Training

The following Power Point Presentations will require Microsoft Power Point on your computer.  Please ask your STS person to make that available for you. (I have found that when you click on these to open, it takes 2-5 minutes for the presentations to load and open.) Click on Slide Show at the top and then use the keyboard "enter key" or "right arrow key" to progress through the presentation.  Use the "left arrow" key to back up if necessary.

Reimbursable Meal Presentation                                  
Video on Condiment Dispensers                                    Professional Development Jeopardy Game
Civil Rights Training                                                          Meal Pick Up 08/24/2020 Zoom Meeting