Sharing Student Health Information-  It is important to list any health information pertinent to the school setting in the “Health Problem” space on the Registration/Demographic Card.  If there are no health concerns, put a line through the “Health Problem” box.  If the health status changes during the school year, ask the office to update the registration card and inform the school nurse.  Some health conditions may require an Individualized Health Care Plan.

Students with health issues requiring assistance may need an Individualized Health Care Plan 

     - A school nurse and guardian will work together to form a plan of care that will be in place for a 12-month period or until modified.

     - Please ensure your student’s health needs are taken care of until the guardian, teacher and nurse sign an Individualized Health Care Plan.

     - You may view and sign your student’s current plan by using your myDSD login. (instructions found in link below)


Steps for Parents to Electronically Sign Health Care Plans