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Health & Nursing Services

20 North Main St. Farmington, UT 84025
Phone: 801-402-5540
Fax: 801-402-5341


Scott Zigich
Health & Nursing Services

Margo Hill, RN
Health & Nursing Services Coordinator
504 Nurse

Tammy Martinson
Health & Nursing Services Secretary
Immunization Specialist

 Heidi West
Head 504 TA

Jill Kirshner
Nursing Services TA

Our Nurses

Elementary School Nurses

Schools: Burton, Columbia, Heritage,
Kay's Creek, Kaysville, Snow Horse

Diane Broadhead, RN
Cell: 801-425-7379

Schools: Clinton, Crestview, Ellison Park, Fremont, Holt, Lakeside, West Point

 Marci Christiansen, RN
Cell: 801-928-9831

Schools: Bluff Ridge, Parkside, Sunset, Syracuse, West Clinton, Whitsides

Irene Scott, RN
Cell: 801-882-3420

Schools: Adams, Morgan, Mountain View, 
South Clearfield, South Weber, Wasatch

 Peggy Petersen, RN
Cell: 801-433-7470

Schools: Eagle Bay, Farmington, Meadowbrook, Tolman, West Bountiful

Sarah Hoskins, RN
Cell: 801-989-9732

Schools: Centerville, Reading, East Layton, Taylor, Valley View, Woods Cross

Jana Page, RN
Cell: 801-458-8721

 Schools: Adelaide, Foxboro, Odyssey, Orchard, Washington

 Lorill Solomon, RN
Cell: 801-513-7089

Schools: Antelope, Boulton, Bountiful, Holbrook, Muir

Emma Qoroya, RN
Cell: 801-888-8665

 Schools: Buffalo Point, Cook, Doxey,
Hill Field

 Melanie Schenck, RN
Cell: 801-888-9137

Schools: Canyon Creek, Creekside, 
Endeavor, Vae View

 Jennifer Clausse, RN
Cell: 801-928-9796

Schools: King, Knowlton, Lincoln,
Windridge, FEC Preschool

 Shana Robbins, RN
Cell: 801-888-8762

Schools: Layton, Sand Springs, 
Oak Hills, Stewart

 Heidi Diediker, RN
Cell: 801-529-7458

Secondary & Alternative School Nurses

Schools: Centennial Jr, Centerville Jr, Central Davis Jr, Fairfield Jr, Farmington Jr, Kaysville Jr, North Davis Jr, South Davis Jr, Clearfield High, Davis High, Layton High, Northridge High, Viewmont High

 Kathy Pozzuoli, RN
Office: 801-402-5188
Cell: 801-425-7380

 Schools: Bountiful Jr, Legacy Jr, Millcreek Jr, Mueller Park Jr, North Layton Jr, sunset Jr, Syracuse Jr, West Point Jr, Bountiful High,
Syracuse High, Woods Cross High

Jen Nielsen, RN
Cell: 801-809-8328

 Schools: Mountain High
Renaissance Academy

 Tracy Highley, RN
Office: 801-402-0466
Cell: 801-628-8249

Special Ed Nursing Staff

Catherine Sparks, RN
Office: 801-402-5953
Cell: 801-888-9214
Fax: 801-402-5925

Helen Hunter, RN
Office: 801-402-5954
Cell: 801-808-9511
Fax: 801-402-5925

Sheree Bennion, RN
Office: 801-402-5952
Cell: 801-703-744
Fax: 801-402-5951

Georgette Haacke

Office: 801-402-5950

Secretaries & Teacher Resources

Field Trip Forms

Head Injury Protocols, Policies and Forms

Concussion Signs and Symptoms Checklist

Concussion Teacher Notification

Know Your Concussion ABC's

DSD Athlete & Student Concussion & Traumatic Head Injury Policy

Health Information for Registration (First Day Packet)

Illness Protocol, Reportable Diseases

Immunizations and Forms

  • Immunization Information

    According to Utah Statutory Code 53A-11-301
                "Unless exempted for personal, medical, or religious objections as provided in Section 53A-11-302,a student may not attend a public, private, or parochial kindergarten, elementary, or secondary school through grade 12, nursery school, licensed daycare center, child care facility, family care home, or headstart program in this state unless there is presented to the appropriate official of the school a certificate of immunization from a licensed physician or authorized representative of the state or local health department stating that the student has received immunization against communicable diseases as required by rules adopted under Section 53A-11-303.
                School districts may not receive weighted pupil unit money for a student unless the student has obtained a certificate of immunization under this section or qualifies for conditional enrollment or an exemption from immunization under Section 53A-11-302".

USIIS (Utah State Immunization Information System) Link

Exclusion Letters

               Exclusion Notice for Inadequate Immunizations - English

               Exclusion Notice for Inadequate Immunizations - Spanish

School Requirements for Immunizations

Order Pink Immunization (USIR) cards

               Department of Health Order Form for Record Cards

               DSD Warehouse - ENCORE Warehouse item #01024155 (Utah School Immunization Record Card 50/PKG)

Utah Immunization Guide Book Link

Davis County Health Department Clinic Hours

Immunization Rule

Training Modules, Understanding the Utah Immunization Rule

               Module I - Laws Admissions and Requirements

               Module II - Utah School Immunization Record

               Module III - Online Immunization Reporting Procedures           

Individualized Health Care Plan Signing Instructions

Lice, Bed Bugs, Scabies

Medication Policy & Forms

Printable Posters and Forms

Recess Guidelines

Standards of Care for Handling Outside Food, Special Meal Request Form Link

Student Injury Report


Health Clerks

Field Trip Forms

Duties & Responsibilities

Health Room Forms

Health Concerns Forms & Posters

Diabetes Education Program (DEP)

Parent Links

Traumatic Brain Injury

DSD Traumatic Brain Injury Support Team

Health Care Plans

Sharing Student Health Information-  It is important to list any health information pertinent to the school setting in the “Health Problem” space on the Registration/Demographic Card.  If there are no health concerns, put a line through the “Health Problem” box.  If the health status changes during the school year, ask the office to update the registration card and inform the school nurse.  Some health conditions may require an Individualized Health Care Plan.

Students with health issues requiring assistance may need an Individualized Health Care Plan 

     - A school nurse and guardian will work together to form a plan of care that will be in place for a 12-month period or until modified.

     - Please ensure your student’s health needs are taken care of until the guardian, teacher and nurse sign an Individualized Health Care Plan.

     - You may view and sign your student’s current plan by using your myDSD login. (instructions found in link below)


Steps for Parents to Electronically Sign Health Care Plans




Medication Policy and Forms

Medical Procedures

Nutrition Services



Allergy Recognition and Treatment

Asthma Recognition and Treatment

CPR/AED/Choking/Good Samaritan


Diabetes Education Program - DEP

Medication - General Overview

Multiple Topic Trainings

Naloxone Narcan


Nurse Resources