Teaching in Davis on an APT License


Your APT Level 1 License is now referred to as an Associate Educator License. Although the name has changed, the professional learning and Praxis PLT testing requirements have not. As you continue to engage in your APT Professional Learning Plan, reach out to Allison Riddle or Jocelyn Heyne with any questions you may have. We're here to help!


Professional Learning 


  • Option 1: Complete at least 5 approved university M.Ed. courses
  • Option 2: Complete 12 Davis District Professional Learning courses 

apt required professional learning

APt Pro learning verification FOrm


APT-Licensed Teachers


  • Receive feedback and coaching from a trained mentor, instructional coach, and/or department head
  • Participate in the Davis New Teacher Induction Program
  • Engage in APT Required Professional Learning 
  • Complete and track APT Required Professional Learning 
  • Submit APT Professional Learning Verification form yearly to Allison Riddle


  License Upgrade


  • Complete APT Professional Learning Requirements
  • Submit APT Professional Learning Verification form to Jocelyn Heyne
  • Submit Davis Level 1 Upgrade form to Jocelyn Heyne 


Allison Riddle

Elementary Mentoring


Jocelyn Heyne

Human Resources