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Welcome to Davis School District!

Our Elementary Grade Level Support Group is a professional learning experience designed for teachers who have not yet completed a full year of teaching. Sessions are hosted each month by an experienced Mentor Teacher Leader and designed to guide new teachers in reflective practice.

Our Mentor Teacher Leaders are energetic, highly effective teachers who are masters at their grade level content and instructional approaches. Their sessions are engaging, informative, and offer the perfect place to connect with new teachers.

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Support Group schedule


The best part of teaching is that it matters. The hardest part of teaching is that every moment matters, every day.

-Todd Whitaker

Meet Our Mentor Teacher Leaders

L to R: Cinde Thompson, Amber Sonzini, Kim Yoho, Traci Garcia, Sally Plant,        Linda Witkamp, Jessie Enright

Where do our Mentor Teacher Leaders teach?


Traci Garcia, Doxey Elementary


Elizabeth Littlefield, Endeavour Elementary


Cinde Thompson, Oak Hills Elementary


Sally Plant, Muir Elementary


Linda Witkamp, King Elementary


Kim Yoho, Foxboro Elementary


Jessie Enright, Farmington Elementary