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2018 New Teacher Orientation

August 14th and 15th

Syracuse High School


We are so excited you've made the choice to #TeachInDavis! Begin your year right by joining hundreds of other new hires at our two-day New Teacher Orientation. As per our professional agreement, new teachers will receive an additional three days of pay. To receive these additional days of pay, you must:

  • Attend NTO Tuesday, August 14th: WHY We #TeachInDavis
  • Attend NTO Wednesday, August 15th: HOW We #TeachInDavis
  • One more day is paid for setting up your classroom. This can be any day the week of August 6th - 10th or August 13th or 16th. It just has to be before August 17th. Tell your school secretary which day you worked to receive the extra day of pay.)