New Teacher Required Professional Learning

Elementary Induction Program

Year One Teachers

  • Elementary Grade Level Support Group

    • MIDAS course #41044
    • Attend 3 of 5 sessions
    • Each session is focused on a theme and includes make & take activities!
    • Support Group leader will contact year one teachers via email to invite them


  • Elementary Year One Educator Training

    • MIDAS course #40692
    • Classroom Management and Restorative Practices
    • Choose September 14,  20,  or  Oct 25

Year Two+ Teachers

  • Evaluate Davis Elementary Lecture Series (EDEL)

    • MIDAS course #41006
    • Engage in 8 sessions over a 2 year span
    • Choose 2-hour IN-PERSON session or 1-hour REMOTE session with video reflection assignment
    • See schedule of dates and topics on New Teacher Mentoring website