Evaluate Davis Elementary Lecture Series


Our EDEL sessions are for teachers who have taught at least one full year. These professional learning sessions are highly engaging, interactive, and focused on best practices of instruction. 

Teachers must attend a minimum of four sessions in both their second and third year of teaching for a total of eight sessions. Completion of a reflection assignment will result in .5 USBE credit each year.

The EDEL sessions are part of our Davis New Teacher Induction program. We are excited to have you collaborate with many new elementary teachers in Davis District!

Register in MIDAS, course 41006.


edel schedule

Read what past attendees have said about their EDEL experience:

"These sessions have been some of the most enjoyable PD I've had in my 4 years of teaching. Each one was practical and new, not just the same old information regurgitated in a different way."      -Stephanie J.

"The EDEL sessions are something I have looked forward to every month. They are truly a place where my energy and passion for teaching have grown. I am a better teacher because of these classes."     -K. Erickson

"The EDEL sessions have been priceless. Every week I use the flap books, dice games, and student engagement ideas demonstrated in the lectures. As a result of the lectures I am more mindful of connecting learning to conect with the past, present, and future."      Jody W.

"I appreciated all the ideas shared by presenters. I loved being able to go back to my class and implement them immediately and see lasting effects."    -Monica S.

"I am so glad I was given the opportunity to go and do this great professional development! I have learned a lot about myself as a teacher; these lectures have also opened my eyes to more specific teaching practices I need to personally work on."     -Charity H.

"The EDEL sessions I attended were very valuable to me. I would leave each session feeling hopeful with new ideas to adapt and use in my classroom."    -Allie F.

"I came away from the lectures with ideas, strategies, and games I could immediately implement in my classroom. I loved being with other new teachers and sharing thoughts, struggles, and ideas with them. I know I am a better teacher because I have learned from those who have had more experience in the lectures series."     -Sandy B.

"Reflecting back on the lectures I have attended, I am certain that I am a better teacher than I was prior to the series. I have greatly enjoyed and appreciated these lectures in the series. The expertise, wisdom, talents and tools shared have made me a better educator which directly benefits the students I care so much about. Thank you!"     -Kimberly D.