Safety, Security, and Fire

Davis School District Safety, Security, and Fire Hotline Program

The Davis School District provides a means for citizens, students, patrons and school employees to provide safety input, and report suspected, or potential safety problems, injury situations, personal injury events, abuse, or other improprieties or violation of laws, regulations or codes. The hotline coordinates the efforts of existing resources, rather than duplicating efforts of authority already in place. Hotline Complaint Process: We request that complaints be reported by calling the established hotline (801) 402-5411, or using the website as identified below. (The website does not record the name, email address, or location of the person reporting the irregularity and you can remain anonymous.) You may also report the safety condition to the Director of Risk Management by calling (801) 402-5307, or email; to, faxed to (801)402- 5341 or mail to S Zigich Risk Manager Davis School District P.O. Box 588 Farmington Utah 84025-0588, please mark confidential. Please provide the following:

1. Description of the problem.

2. The names of Employees involved.

3. The school, division and location of the situation.

4. When the event occurred, or problem is present.

5. Any other details that may help establish the problem: witnesses, evidence, documents, and photos.

6. Your name, address and contact information. If you desire to provide the information, or you may also remain anonymous.

Specific and detailed information assists us in solving problems, eliminating concerns and doing a detailed investigation. The identity of the complainant is considered protected information.

Complaint Form