Fraud, Waste and Abuse


Davis School District Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Hotline Program

The "Davis School District" provides a means for citizens, including school employees, to report suspected financial improprieties or violations of (i) laws or regulations by state and local governments, (ii) waste of public funds or resources, and/or (iii) constructive suggestions for improving state and local governments regarding financial-related matters, internal controls, or compliance. The Hotline coordinates the efforts of existing resources, rather than duplicating efforts of authority already in place.

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Hotline Complaint Process:

We request that complaints be reported by calling the established hotline (801) 402-5411 or using the website as identified below to report your suspected irregularity. (This website does not record the name, email address, or location of the person reporting the irregularity and you can remain anonymous. ) You may also report the condition to the Internal Auditor by calling 801-402-5349. The suspected violation may also be mailed (Internal Auditor, Davis School District, 45 East State Street, PO Box 588, Farmington, Utah 84025-0588, mark CONFIDENTIAL). Regardless of the reporting method used, please provide the following information on the suspected violation.

1. Description of the suspected violation.
2. The name of the employee(s) involved.
3. The school, division, and location where the action occurred.
4. When the action occurred.
5. Any other details that may be important for our investigation
6. Specific law or regulation that has been violated if known.
7. Your name, address, and phone number if you desire to provide the information, although you can remain anonymous.
Each improper action should be noted separately and supported with as much specific information as possible. Supplying detailed information contributes to a thorough and efficient investigation. The above information should assist you in providing the details needed for an in-depth analysis. The identity of the complainant is considered protected information under the Utah Government Records Access and Management Act (Utah Code Section 63-2-304) if the complainant requests anonymity from parties outside the office. Additionally, the State whistle blower statute (Utah Code Section 67-21) protects government employees from reprisal by an employer for reporting, in good faith, suspected illegal acts or waste of public funds. A complaint made to the Hotline, identifying yourself, will provide the necessary communication to invoke the protection of the whistle blower statute.

The identity of the complainant is considered protected information.

Complaint Form