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Interested in Subbing?

We are not currently hiring substitute teachers.  Therefore, the application is not available on the web-site.

If and when we post the announcement again, you will need to meet the following requirements:

You need to be a high school graduate and at least 20 years of age in order to substitute teach for our District.  Unless you have completed student teaching, currently hold or have held a teaching license, you will be required to attend a Substitute Teacher Orientation and all applicants will be required to substitute at least once a week. During the orientation, we will go over classroom management, student engagement and how to be a successful substitute teacher.  We will answer any questions you have so you are comfortable with the position before you are hired.

To apply, you need to submit an on-line application from the Davis School District web-site. For a shortcut, go to dsdjobs.net. You will need to create an account by entering your email address and creating a password. Apply for and submit the Substitute Teacher application. We will process your application in the order it was received and send you an email with instructions on how to proceed from there. Remember, If you hold or have held a teaching license or have completed student teaching, you will not be required to attend an orientation. All other applicants will be required to attend our orientation/training class. Once your application has been processed, you will receive an email with the dates available.

You can view the 2019-20 Substitute Teacher Salary Schedule by clicking here. Substitutes are paid based on their qualification. You need to have a bachelor's degree in order to be set up at the degreed rate of pay and a current teaching license in order to be set up at the certified rate.

Current Substitutes

We appreciate and value our good Substitute TEACHers! Remember...TEACH is the operative word!

Thank you for ALL you do!

All about Aesop

The Davis School District uses Aesop to manage absences and view substitute activity. It is important that all substitute teachers use the Aesop system. Please ensure that if you are filling an assignment for a teacher, that he/she has entered the absence into Aesop. Within the system, you will be able to search for and accept available jobs, change personal settings, update your calendar, and personalize your available call times.

You should have received the "green light" email with your login credentials to Aesop after you were hired and added to the Aesop system.

To access the Aesop system, go to aesoponline.com or click here.

How to Log In:

Once added to Aesop, you will receive an email with a link to create a new Frontline ID.  Follow the instructions to create a new Username and Password.

When using the phone version of Aesop, you will use your phone number (all 10 digits, no dashes, no spaces) for your username and your Pin which was assigned and sent to you in the Green Light Email.  Contact our office at 801-402-5679 if you do not remember your Pin Number.  This number can be changed once you log in successfully.

Please keep your telephone number up to date in Aesop. Substitutes with incorrect or disconnected telephone numbers will be placed on an inactive status.

When you click "Preferences" from your Dashboard, you will also see the email address we have on file for you. If this needs to be updated, please call the SubSystems Office at 801-402-5679. We do send periodic emails and newsletters to substitute teachers.

If you are reviewing "available jobs" in the morning and try to accept an assignment for that day however, the system gives you a message that the job is being reviewed by someone else, please call that school or the SubSystems Office (801-402-5679) and speak to someone in person to see if the assignment is still available. You can also contact the school.

Take the time access the Learning Center if you have any questions while navigating in the new Aesop system.  Simply click "Frontline Support" in the upper right hand corner of your Dashboard

Remember to review your job for that day before leaving for the assignment.

To access Aesop from the telephone, call 1-800-942-3767 and follow the prompts. Your login credentials are the same on the phone as they are to access the website.


Important Information

Employee Number - When you substitute, you may be asked for your Employee ID Number. That number appears in the upper right hand corner of your pay stub and was also included in the "green light" email we sent. Please do not confuse your Employee ID Number with your Pin Number.

Substitute Hotline -  Call 801-402-5782 and leave a message with your name and telephone number if you can substitute on any given day. The SubSystems office will notify you if there is anything available that meets your selection criteria.   

Late Cancels - If you hold an assignment for longer than 15 minutes and cancel out of that assignment after 6:00 p.m. the day before a job starts, this will count as a late cancel, it will go on your substitute record and you will receive an email. PLEASE be careful about canceling out of any assignments ESPECIALLY if it will be a late cancel! It is better not to accept an assignment until you are sure your schedule will not change than to accept an assignment and cancel it later. Many times another substitute cannot be found to fill the assignment, especially if the cancellation occurs the night before or the morning of the absence. 

Lockout/Lockdown - Click here to view the Lockout/Lockdown Procedures.

Requirement - You must substitute once each school year or Human Resources places you in an inactive status and you will need to re-apply and go through the hiring process once again. Otherwise, you will remain on Aesop unless and until you request to be removed. If the Aesop system accepts your ID and Pin Number, you are in an "active" status.

Pay Stub/Salary Schedule/W2

You can view the 2018-19 Substitute Teacher Salary Schedule by clicking here.

Electronic paystubs - Davis School District will no longer be issuing paper copies of your pay stubs. If you would like to print a copy of your monthly paystub you may do so electronically. Here are the instructions to help you facilitate that need if it arises:

1) Go to www.davis.k12.ut.us (Davis School District's web page)
2) Click on the "Employee Resources" link
3) Click on the  Paystub link link
4) Your first initial login will ask you the following:

        a) Your Social Security number
        b) Your Employee ID number (see #6 below)
        c) To create a password
        d) Select and answer two security questions
5) Subsequent log-ins will require the use of your Social Security number and your newly established password.
6) Please feel free to contact the Payroll Department at 801-402-5282 if you have any general questions. If you do not know your Employee ID#, please ask the secretary at the location where you are subbing to assist you. This contact needs to be done in person, not over the telephone.

Your W2 will be sent to you in the mail. You can view/print your W2 online as well. Click here for the link to the Payroll Management screen. You will need to Register if you have not logged in before. If you need to change your address, click Update Profile and follow the instructions to ensure we have the correct address on file for you. 

Success Tips

         We want you to be a SUCCESSFUL          Substitute Teacher 

  • Follow Davis School District's Code of Ethics.
  • As you accept assignments take notice of multi-day assignments. The employee will depend on you completing the full assignment.
  • Use our "Substitute Hotline" (801-402-5782) for last minute assignments.
  • If you see a job you would like to accept, but it is locked you may call our office (801-402-5679) and we will do our best to assign the job to you. 
  • Arrive on time.
  • Check in with the office when you arrive.
  • Be sure to have your employee number ready.
  • It is IMPERATIVE that you follow the lesson plans that have been left by the teacher.
  • Be polite, helpful, and courteous to students and staff.
  • Manage classroom behavior.
  • Keep students busy and involved.
  • Move around the room and maintain a watchful eye on students at all times. You cannot be successful sitting behind the teacher's desk.
  • Greet students at the door as they arrive.
  • Monitor students in the hall as they come and go from class.
  • Be Confident!
  • Dress professionally.
  • Do NOT use your cell phone during class time!
  • Keep a notebook/calendar with all your subbing assignments listed. Include: Date/Location/Teacher/Confirmation Number/Hours Worked. Compare this list with your monthly paystub. Report any discrepancies with the location secretary.
  • Have a positive attitude!
  • Leave a note for the teacher-include what you enjoyed and the positive things that took place.
  • Check out with the office secretary/administrator before leaving.

For additional tips and tricks visit: http://stedi.org/subs/

Subbing for Special Education

We have several different types of Special Education classrooms in our District. We want you to understand the difference between these classrooms so you will know what you can expect if you pick up a SPED assignment. We have a huge need for substitutes who would be willing to take these assignments and we believe you will have some rewarding experiences in these classrooms!

Resource - You will generally work with students in small groups who may need a little extra help with a particular subject (Reading, Math etc.) You would be given a schedule of who will be coming in throughout the day and specific instruction on what you will be working on with the students. You will either be on your own or have one Aide with you.

Social Behavioral Classroom (SBC) - The SBC is a self-contained classroom for students with mild/moderate disabilities designed to meet the individual education needs of students (K-12) for whom behavior challenges are the primary deficit.  SB classrooms are structured much like a general education classroom with additional supports and modifications as needed.  The students in these classrooms have varying disabilities.  Students are instructed using the general education curriculum aligned with the DESK Standards.  Participation in mainstreaming opportunities is contingent upon behavioral performance.  Teachers use behavioral interventions and student expectations are clearly defined.  Individual and group reinforcement is used to encourage and support positive behaviors and instructional strategies.  You can expect much smaller class sizes in a SBC and there will be one or two Aides in the classroom to assist you as well. The largest classroom has 12 or 13 students.  Usually, you would have 8-10 students in a SBC.  These students will receive instruction throughout the day like they would in a general education classroom. However, you will help with reinforce behavior strategies and help manage behavior.

Essential Elements Classroom (EEC) - The EEC is a self-contained classroom designed to meet the individual education needs of students pre-school to 12th grade who have identified significant disabilities in at least three areas (Adaptive, Academic, Cognitive).  In addition, student may also have broad language or motor delays and deficits in social skills.  Targeted learning is implemented in a structured, small group setting with occasional need for 1:1 support.  Students require accommodations and supports.  Students may access their general education classroom with assistance.  Curriculum is based on the Essentials Elements of the Davis Essential Skills and Knowledge (DESK) Standards using tiered instruction Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT), task analysis, and Universal Design for Learning.  Students require evidence based language, reading, math, writing, and self-help instruction in a highly structured teaching model. Generally speaking, these classrooms will have 10-12 students. There will be some group instruction however, you can expect to work in small groups and one on one with them. However, you would never be subbing alone in an EE classroom. There should be one to two other employees with you. They will go into different prep classes throughout the day and peer tutors will come into the class periods on the secondary level.

Academic, Social, Communication Classroom (ASCC) - The ASCC is a self-contained classroom designed to meet the individual education needs of students (K-12) for whom academic, social, and communication deficits are the primary deficit.  Students need intensive instruction and support for much of the school day.  Academic, communication, and social/behavioral skills are the primary focus of instruction.  Targeted learning is implemented in a structured, small group setting with occasional need for 1:1 support.  Students require accommodations and support.  Students may access their general education classroom independently or with assistance.  Curriculum is based on general education core with accommodations and modifications as needed.  In addition, other direct instruction programming will be used to support student growth.  Students require evidence-based language, reading, math, writing, and self-help instruction in a highly structured teaching model.  

Stride - We have three different schools in our District with STRIDE units (Knowlton Elementary, Farmington Elementary and Farmington Jr. High) These students have low cognitive and aggressive, sometimes intense behavioral issues. These classrooms are well staffed with a one to one or one to two employee to student ratio and only have up to six students in the class.

Often, substitute teachers are hesitant about picking up an assignment for Special Education because they are not sure what to expect. We have heard from many substitute teachers who LOVE helping out in these classrooms because of the rewarding experience they have had with the students. Thank you for considering taking an assignment for SPED and for doing what you can to make a difference in the lives of these wonderful students!


Only Teachers, Functional Skills TA's and Prep-Time Specialists use Aesop to report absences.

Aesop information

The Davis School District uses Aesop to report absences and monitor substitute activity. 

Go to aesoponline.com or click here to access the login screen.

Your User ID is your phone number. If you would like your number changed to a different phone number, please call our office at 801-402-5679.
Your Pin was randomly assigned and sent to you. This can be changed once you successfully login.  Contact our office or your school secretary if you do not know your Pin Number.

How do I Report An Absence?

Click on Absences, Report Absence, Create Absence. Click on the date(s) of the absence. Enter the Reason for the absence and the appropriate start and end times. To enter a specific time which is not defaulted, use the drop down box and choose "Custom" to enter specific times. 

If you have an employee covering for you and they are not added in Aesop as a substitute, you will enter "No" when asked if a substitute is required. If you need the system to find a substitute for you or if you have a verbal agreement with a substitute, click "Yes." 

Enter any pertinent notes for your substitute in the Notes to Substitute box.

You can click Create Absence if you need the system to select an available substitute for you. Click Create Absence and Assign Sub if you are entering a "pre-arranged" substitute. Enter the last name of the substitute to search for that individual. A list will come up for you so you can click on their name.  You can also view a list of available substitutes. Click "Assign" to assign the substitute to your job. 

When you have completed and saved your absence information, you will be given a Confirmation Number.

Review your jobs often by clicking "Scheduled Absences" to make sure the dates and times are correct, and whether or not you are still in need of a sub on those days listed.

Remember to click on the "Frontline Support" button in the upper right hand corner on your Dashboard to access the Learning Center.

You can change your Pin by clicking on your name at the top of the page. Click "Change Pin." This is also where you will add your Preferred Substitutes.

Lesson plans may also be attached to the job assignment. Please use caution when using this feature. "PDF" files are the best files to attach, as not all subs are able to access program specific attachments. It is a good idea to leave a copy of your lesson plans on your desk and/or email your site administrator just in case the substitute has trouble pulling up and printing the attachment.

The Learning Center in Aesop is a valuable resource. To access the Learning Center, click "Frontline Support" in the upper right hand corner of your Dashboard.

Helpful Hints

Enter every absence entered in Aesop and enter them as soon as possible.

Enter the absence according to your schedule for that particular day, paying close attention to -  early out, late start, preps during the first or last period of your day.

Double check yourself for dates and time of absence before saving the absence.

To "Pre-arrange" a particular substitute, choose "Create Absence and Assign Sub." A box will appear where you can search for the desired substitute. You are not able to request a substitute in Aesop.

You have successfully entered your absence when you receive a confirmation number.

Absences for Workshops and Inservice should be entered as soon as possible. Waiting until the day before / the day of the workshop makes it hard for those who are ill to have their assignments fill. You may find that you are not able to secure a substitute when you wait, as there are less substitutes who will accept "last minute" sub jobs.

Review your absences to make sure you have a substitute coming and report your absence to your site administrator.

Campus Users


Secretaries and Administrators - Thank you for ALL you do!

Aesop information

To navigate to the Aesop system, go to aesoponline.com or click here. Your Login ID is your email address. Your Pin was randomly assigned and sent to you. Contact our office if you cannot remember your Pin Number. Your Pin can be changed once you successfully log in to the system.

You can see the Login ID and Pin Number for the employees at your location. Simply go to Reports, Employee, Staff List from your Dashboard. Click Search and scroll down through the list.

Remember to update your preferred list of substitutes and remind your teachers to enter their preferred substitutes. 

Click on the "Help" button in the upper right hand corner of Aesop and then "Frontline Support" to access the Learning Center.

Long-term assignments

An assignment needs to be 20 consecutive days or more to be considered long-term. The substitute teacher selected does not need to have a teaching license in order to receive long-term pay. You need to fill out a Request for Long Term Substitute form found here. Make sure an administrator signs the form. Send the form to the SubSystems Office. You can also find the form from the District website under Departments > Human Resources > Forms. We will process the paperwork and email you once the assignment has been approved. We will also notify payroll so the substitute is paid the long-term rate.

Tips and Tricks

  • Run the "Absentee Report" for tomorrow's absences at the end of each day and try to fill any jobs that are "unfilled" using your Preference list or choose from the "available" substitutes.
    • This just might save you the headache of unfilled absences when you arrive in the morning.
  • If possible, greet your substitutes by name when they sign in.
    • Substitutes are more likely going to pick up jobs where they feel welcome and comfortable.  The better the experience they've had in the past, the more likely they will want to return.
  • Ask teachers/employees to give you positive feed back on substitutes. 
    • Add these preferred subs to your preference list.
    • Building your preference list may help you fill sub jobs.
  • Encourage your teachers/employees to enter the start and end times according to their schedule. 
    • Help employees understand that substitutes are counting on working the amount of hours that were entered by the employee. It is not the substitute's fault if they pick up, what they thought was a "full day job", only to find out the employee doesn't have a last period.
    • Subs should stay on campus if they are expecting to be paid for the full time the job was entered for. If they check out before the time ends they are only paid up until that time.
  • Enter all absences in Aesop as soon as possible, especially those that can be planned a head.  Most substitutes want to plan their work week, rather than wait to see if there are "last minute" jobs available.
    • Entering Workshop/Inservice jobs the day before/the morning of only puts more "last minute" assignments that need to be filled. Please have your employees enter these absences as soon as they find out about the workshop
    • Provide a general information sheet to your substitutes when they arrive with information like: Bell schedule, (are there warning bells?) Lunch schedule, map of the school-showing restrooms and faculty lounge, what is expected of them during the breaks between classes/recesses. All of this information will help them navigate more easily through your school and be a successful substitute.
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Education is the single most important job of the Human Race.

- George Lucas

There is no substitute for a good substitute teacher!

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