Part-Time Custodian Resources

Each newly hired part-time custodian needs to complete the Human Resources New Hire Orientation as well as the Custodial Part-time Orientation. One is Required by HR and the other one is required by Custodial Services.

Custodial Services:

Custodial Part-Time Orientation- This is a video and will play on its own once you open it. There is no sound, so please read the provided information.

Payroll Videos to Watch
Clock in/Clock out
Time System/Leave Requests
Change/Edit Punch
Time Sheet Approval
Adding Time Clock to iPhone or iPad
Adding Time Clock to Android
Turning on location on your phone
How the Time System rounding works

Part-Time Custodian Orientation Signature Sheet- Once the employee has watched the Custodial Part-Time Orientation video and the Payroll videos above print off this sheet, have the employee sign it, and fax it to 801-402-7881 or email it to