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Sol Prodan 
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      MISSION         To communicate and promote educational understanding and student expectations to Non-English speaking parents in their native languages at Davis School District.


Upcoming Trainings


Translated Documents


  •  Provide Oral Interpretations between parents, teacher/administrator on different student issues
  •  Provide Written Translations of school/district documents
  •  Review and Update previous translations saved on database
  •  Inform non-English speaking parents on Student   Achievement and Behavior issues
  •  Facilitate Knowledge of School Curriculum/Programs/legal policies to non-English speaking parent
  •  Respond to Emergency oral interpretation
  •  Provide parent interpretation at Public Meetings & involve them through translation of surveys,school community council, etc.
  •  Facilitate Understanding among the different cultures and languages involved in the district
  •  Publicize Department/Programs documents via district Web site


  • Oral interpretation in Spanish and other languages.
  • "Acquiring Interpretation Skills” training.
  •  Student/family/district conflict resolution/mediation.
  •  "Let's Practice Interpretation!" workshop.
  •  “Providing School Services Via Interpreters” training.
  •  Prospective and present interpreter testing.
  •  Translation of student foreign transcript for accreditation
  •  Responsive Services.