Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Speech Contest

2019-2020 District Level Winners


First Place Tie:  Austin Cales, Bountiful Elementary, 2nd; Gabriella Hayward, Kaysville Elementary, 2nd
Second Place Tie:  Grant Cowdin, Heritage Elementary, 2nd; Malan Poll, 1st  
Third Place:  Jeffrey Dunna, Orchard Elementary, 1st


First Place:  Nikki Hunt, Mountain View Elementary, 4th
Second Place:  Maci Steffensen, Heritage Elementary, 3rd
Third Place:  Poet Bigelow, Endeavor Elementary, 4th


First Place:  Beatrice Etter, Endeavor Elementary, 5th
Second Place Tie:  Bode Buys, Odyssey Elementary, 6th; Coleman Hall, Mountain View Elementary, 5th  
Third Place:  Sadeelyn Savage, Adelaide Elementary, 6th 

Junior High & High School

First Place:  Alexa Hatch, West Point Junior High, 8th
Second Place:  Alyssa Steffensen, Shoreline Junior High, 8th
Third Place:  Skye Thompson, Northridge High, 12th

First page of the PDF file: MLKPosterEnglish2019
First page of the PDF file: MLKPosterSpanish2019