Digital Resources for Remote Learning

Online Tools

Educators in Davis School District have a variety of online tools that support learning in a virtual setting.  Each educator is familiar with many of these tools and may have a preference for using certain ones.  Support for the use of these online tools is provided by the Davis School District Technology team. The Virtual Classroom programs and other tools listed on this webpage are password protected to ensure compliance with copyright and other service terms of use.

Remote Learning Webinars

Virtual Classrooms

Connecting Teachers & Students

Connecting Teachers with Teachers

Tools and Resources to Support Learning

PLEASE READ: There are many companies right now providing free access to their digital tools. While this is commendable, it’s important that we are checking all privacy policies and usage guidelines for these tools. Many are only acceptable for use with students who are over 13 and some require verifiable parent permission for anyone under 18. If a website requires students to login or create an account with something other than their Office 365 school email account, this includes teachers creating accounts, these sites should be avoided. At this time, the district is advising us to not use any resource that is not currently used, authenticated through Clever or approved.

The following programs and tools are approved and supported in Davis School District: