Innovative Technology Grants

"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams..." - Willy Wonka (originally from ODE by Arthur O'Shaughnessy published in 1873)

Welcome to the Davis Digital Teaching and Learning Innovative Technology Grant Program!


Thank you for your willingness to be a proactive and innovative 21st century educator!

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In partnership with the Davis Education Foundation and as a component of the Davis Digital Teaching and Learning Grant, this program is available to any Davis School District employee who works directly in an instructional capacity with students. It is provided in order to help provide resources with which to promote innovation and create effective 21st century teaching and learning K-12 classrooms and ancillary programs.

Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate an innovative idea, project, or concept for use directly with students.  They will be able to tie their projects to DESK and ISTE Standards, and explain measurable learning outcomes.  Priority will be given to those proposals that can be sustained, shared, and duplicated in other similar settings and schools.

As you prepare your application, please note the following guidelines for a successful application:

  • There is no minimum or reasonable maximum limit.

  • Grants are open to any Davis District Employee involved in direct instruction with students.

  • Grant applications will be rated by a team of readers who will make final funding recommendations.

  • Grants must be innovative and incorporate the integration of technology into instruction.

  • Grants must be ISTE and DESK standards-based with measurable learning outcomes.

  • Grants will be limited to one successful grant per applicant per school year.

  • Grants will either be fully funded or denied.  There will be no opportunity for reapplication of denied grants during the current funding cycle.  There will not be any partial funding.  Therefore, applicants should pick their funding requests carefully and avoid combining multiple requests. If a component of a grant application is considered not to be qualifying, the entire grant may not receive funding.  Applicants should be selective in their funding requests and use other sources for requests that may be for items or programs that may be less-than-innovative and that are more routine in nature.


Please note: Applicants are limited to one approved application per school year.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in this program.  To date it has received over 135 applications and has funded in excess of $200,000 in creative and innovative projects that spark curiosity and tap into the learning potential of thousands of students and teachers. 


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