Digital Teaching and Learning Grant

Davis District is appreciative of the Utah State Legislature and State Board of Education for their innovative support of the Digital Teaching and Learning Grant program.  The district's plan will provide critical resources with which the district will focus on three key areas:

  • Building and maintaining a robust technical infrastructure
  • Increasing the district's human capacity through targeted teacher professional development
  • Providing support to develop, provide, and enhance digital curriculum.


The intent of the grant is to support and align the district's digital teaching and learning activities with the Utah Master Plan of Essential Elements for Technology-Powered Learning.  For a copy of the Utah Master Plan please click on the link below:


Utah's Master Plan: Essential Elements for Technology-Powered Learning


To view a complete copy of the Digital Teaching and Learning Grant or readiness assessment that helped shape the grant's key focus areas, please click on the corresponding link below:


Davis District Digital Teaching and Learning Grant


2016-17 Future Schools Digital Learning Readiness Report