2-Hour Late Start Notification

Below is a sample notification that will be sent to parents when a 2-hour later start is implemented:

Due to snow accumulation, schools in the Davis School District will implement a two-hour delayed start this morning.

Secondary schools — already following a late start Wednesday schedule — will continue to follow that schedule.

Elementary schools will start two hours later than normal at 10:50 a.m.

Because of transportation issues and other logistics, A.M. and P.M. kindergarten and preschool classes are cancelled today because of the late-start. Those classes also include all Head Start/Early Head Start and Title I preschool programs.

Additionally, all before-school programs and field trips scheduled to begin prior to the late-start time are cancelled.

All-day Kindergarten classes will be in session and will follow the two-hour late start associated with the elementary schools.

All district school buses will also be on a two-hour delay and they, like private vehicles, may be slowed due to inclement weather.

As always, parents may choose to keep their student at home anytime they feel conditions are unsafe to travel to school. When those situations arise, school administrators and teachers will work with students so that they can complete any schoolwork that they may have missed.