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Students share stories in the Weber State Storytelling Festival

storytelling festival

Once upon a time, students in Davis School District began participating in the Weber State Storytelling Festival — 25 years ago to be exact.

Every year, elementary students work with a storytelling coach at their school, who helps them perfect the art of performing a folktale, personal narrative or humorous story in front of an audience.

Two or three students are chosen from each school to participate in the district competition, where a panel of judges grades the performer on their poise, voice expression, body language and ability to connect with the audience.

The annual event is an important aspect of student learning, said Davis School District Library and Social Studies Specialist Monica Flint.

“Storytelling promotes multiple skills and abilities across different content areas, not only helping with their English Language Arts, comprehension, speaking and listening skills, but also helps with collaboration and social awareness,” said Flint.

“They also learn to appreciate diversity and experiences of other people. When students usually go to festival, they come out of the rooms retelling, laughing or wanting to tell that story to someone else because they enjoyed it so much. It’s a way to connect socially and be able to express themselves in a verbal format that is so needed in today’s society.”

The top storytellers will perform at the Weber State Storytelling Festival. While the event is usually held at a large venue with live performances and professional storytellers, this year’s festival will be held virtually, with storytelling winners featured online from Feb. 22 until March 18 at weber.edu/storytelling.

The students selected to repre­sent Davis School District are:  

Myra Perry and Aubrey Michelle Walter, Co­lumbia Elementary;
Rori Cannon and Katie Joubert, Heritage Elementary;
Kalei Crockett, Teenie Callahan and Mac Feller, Woods Cross Elementary;
Addison Mccrary, Chaysi Todd and Elle Winward, Ellison Park Elementary;
Mat­than Cooper and Leisl Olsen, Burton Elemen­tary;
Lydia Ford, Kate Monson and Eva Amin, Kaysville Elementary;
Charlotte Harward, Adams Elementary