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State PTA Reflections Winners 

PTA Reflections Art

"Lifting Others Up"
Weston Gunnerson - Sunburst Elementary

These Utah PTA Reflections winners from Davis School District were recently honored at the state level. The Award of Excellence entries will advance to the national level. 

Dance — Evie Embley Award of Merit, Eagle Bay Elementary; Shydra Williams Award of Merit, Syracuse High; Ellie Blundell Honorable Mention, Stewart Elementary

Film — Jason Hayes Award of Excellence, Centennial Junior; Trevin Kroeger Award of Excellence, Cook Elementary; Jenna Mollinet Award of Merit, Layton High; Inanc Yagiz SenayHonorable Mention, Mountain View Elementary

reflections art

"Eyes Believe"
Grant Wessel - Bluff Ridge Elementary

Literature — Brooke Lemon Award of Excellence, Foxboro Elementary; Eliza Taylor Award of Merit, Davis High; Kiah Jaques – Honorable Mention, Layton High

Music — Ethan Rodabough Award of Excellence, Millcreek Junior; Finn Cowdin Award of Merit, Heritage Elementary;  Blithe Bigelow Honorable Mention, Centennial Junior

Photography — Grant Wessel Award of Merit, Bluff Ridge Elementary; Kate Nash Award of Merit, Oak Hills Elementary

2D Visual Arts — Weston Gunnerson Award of Merit, Sunburst Elementary; Rhett JermanHonorable Mention, South Davis Junior

3D Visual Arts — Josh Plaizier – Award of Excellence, Centennial Junior; Emily Long Honorable Mention, Valley View Elementary; Naomi Gadd Honorable Mention, Windridge Elementary; Autumn Ware Honorable Mention, Endeavour Elementary

reflections art

"I Matter Because I am Human"
Kate Nash - Oaks Hills Elementary

reflections art

"Daisy Flower"
Autumn Ware - Endeavour Elementary