District News

District appoints new administrators for 2020-21 school year

The Board of Education of the Davis School District approved the appointment of new administrators for the 2020-21 school year during its regular meeting Tuesday, April 7. The new appointments are as follows:

District Administrators

New administrator New position Current assignment

Ryck Astle

Secondary director        Layton    High Principal for 10 years.
Stephanie Mouritsen

Stephanie Mouritsen

Davis Connect Online School Administrator     North Layton Junior High Assistant Principal

New Secondary Principals

New Principal School Current assignment
Chadli Bodily

Chadli Bodily

Layton High Legacy Jr. High Principal for 4 years.
Travis Warnick

Travis Warnick

Syracuse Junior High Bountiful High School Assistant Principal for 1 year.

Brad Chapple

Millcreek Junior High Davis High School Assistant Principal for 5 years.
Thomas Strain

TJ Strain

Legacy Junior High Clearfield High School Assistant Principal for 2 years.

New Elementary Principals

New principal School Current assignment

Julie Ferreira

Canyon Creek Elementary Administrative Intern at Canyon Creek Elementary for 2 years.
Brian Nash

Brian Nash

Odyssey Elementary Assistant Principal at Legacy Junior High for 2 years.
TJ Naylor

TJ Naylor

Stewart Elementary Administrative Intern at Buffalo Point for 2 years.
Melissa Pendergast

Melissa Pendergast

Layton Elementary Administrative Intern at Holt Elementary for 1 year.

New Secondary Assistant Principals

New assistant principals have been appointed at the secondary level. Those appointments include: Tim Allen at Clearfield High; Tami Oliver at Bountiful High; Amanda Keller at Davis High; Steve Loveland at Kaysville Junior High; Terri Hall at Legacy Junior High; Mylei Zachman at North Layton Junior High; Jessika Christensen at South Davis Junior High; Claire Cassity at Sunset Junior High; and Shon Feller at Bountiful Junior High.

New Secondary Administrative Interns

New administrative interns have been appointed for secondary schools. Those appointments include: Erin Stumo, Northridge High; Jeff Wyant, Clearfield High; Holly Hoyt, Bountiful High; Diana Johanson, Mountain High; Justin Brooks, Viewmont High; Brandt Shaw, Layton High; and Jeff Christensen, Bountiful Junior High. 

New Elementary Administrative Interns

New administrative interns have been appointed for elementary schools. Those appointments include: Alissa Clark at Wasatch Elementary; Suzanne Clayton at Holt Elementary; Denice Maedgen at Sunset Elementary; Erika Muirbrook at West Bountiful Elementary; Amy Neal at Knowlton & Stewart Elementary; Christine Nesheiwat at West Clinton Elementary; Emmi Novotorov-Robinson at Sand Springs Elementary; and Chad Sanders at Lincoln Elementary.


In addition to the above appointments, these administrators moved to a different school:

Secondary — Mark Jolley, assistant principal at Syracuse High moves to Davis High; Ross Harris, assistant principal at Davis High moves to Syracuse High; Melissa Fox, assistant principal at Clearfield High moves to Woods Cross High; Muriel Mann, assistant principal at Fairfield Junior High moves to Centerville Junior High; Rick Miller, assistant principal at Fairfield Junior High moves to Centennial Junior High; Cheryl May, assistant principal at Centerville Junior High moves to Fairfield Junior High; Wilson McConkie, assistant principal at Shoreline Junior High moves to Fairfield Junior High; Adam King, assistant principal at West Point Junior High, moves to Mueller Park Junior High; Hayden Call, assistant principal at Mueller Park Junior High moves to North Davis Junior High; Lorrie Barber, assistant principal at Centennial Junior High moves to Shoreline Junior High; and Kevin Green, assistant principal at Kaysville Junior High moves to West Point Junior High.

Elementary — Debbie Marshall, principal at Ellison Park moves to West Point; Chris Laypath, principal at Taylor moves to Vae View; David Pendergast, principal at Vae View, moves to Ellison Park; Loren Clark, principal at West Point moves to Holbrook; Neesha Killpack, principal at Holbrook moves to Valley View; Kim Johnston, principal at Valley View moves to Sand Springs; Diane Hammer, principal at Layton moves to Syracuse; and Julie Peters, principal at Odyssey moves to Taylor.