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Qualifications to be eligible for quick return quarantine
• Must be a mask-to-mask exposure.
• Only applies to exposures that occurred in a Davis School District school.
• Must be tested on the 7th day of quarantine or later.
• Must have NO symptoms on day of testing.
• Must have quarantine letter from school with instructions of when and where to test.

District opens rapid test site for students, staff

Nurse conducting rapid test

Did you know that 75 percent of people exposed to COVID-19 show symptoms within the first seven days of exposure?

With that in mind, Davis School District has set up a rapid testing site for those students and staff members who are quarantined following a mask-to-mask exposure. 

The federally funded Abbott BinaxNow rapid antigen tests will be administered by school nurses at the Freeport Center in Clearfield. Results can be seen within 15 minutes without the use of laboratory equipment. 

“What you are doing, no other school district in Utah is doing,” Davis County Health Department Director Brian Hatch said regarding the district’s accepted application as a testing site.

A negative rapid test allows a return to the classroom before the regular 14-day quarantine. A positive test will be verified with another polymerise chain reaction, better known as PCR test. That test typically takes 48-72 hours for lab confirmation.

“This benefits our families and our students,” Assistant Superintendent John Zurbuchen said. “It provides an opportunity for kids and teachers to not be out for 14 days if in fact they are negative. Seven days is the earliest we can test and be confident in the test that they are not infected with COVID-19.”

The rapid test protocol only applies to school exposures and does not apply if the quarantined individual or person who tested positive was not wearing a mask. 

Students and staff members who qualify for the rapid test will receive instructions, in their quarantine letter, including the date they qualify for the test.

The guidelines recognize that masks are effective at preventing transmission in classroom settings. Additionally, frequent handwashing and sanitation of surfaces can help slow the spread of the virus.

In an earlier announcement, Utah State Superintendent of Public Instruction Sydnee Dickson said the Low Risk Test and Return guidance was approved by the Utah Dept. of Health and Utah Governor Gary Herbert. 

“The medical experts on the advisory group indicate that this aligns with the best medical practice of adjusting the intensity of intervention based on risk and consequences of overprescribing an intervention,” she said.

"We hope this updated guidance will both be an incentive for improved classroom mask wearing behaviors and expedite students getting back into school safely,” Dickson said.

For answers to FAQs about the rapid test site, go here.