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District early enrollment window opens

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Parents considering enrolling their student in a school other than their boundary school will want to make note of two upcoming dates.

The boundary permit early enrollment window opens Wednesday, Dec. 1 and closes on the third Friday in February (Feb. 18, 2022). The application will be accessible online through a parent’s myDSD account. 

Parents can apply for one of three open enrollment permits — K-6, 7-9 and 9-12. The purpose of the 9-12 permit, said Casey Layton, District Responsive Services Director, is to accommodate those wishing to participate in extracurricular activities at the high school they desire to attend. 

Recent policy changes approved by a 6-1 vote of the Board of Education of the Davis School District established the new permit process. Also altered was the ninth-grade participation policy which now allows an eighth-grade student to apply for a 9-12 permit and try out for extracurricular activities, such as athletics, in ninth grade at the high school they intend to attend. 

“This brings us in line with the rest of the state,” said Layton. “We were the only district in the state with a ninth-grade participation rule. The change is that nobody could play at a different high school other than their boundary school. This now allows students to apply for a permit in eighth-grade looking to where they want to be in 10th grade.”

However, the change in the process does not change the number of students allowed at any particular school. Permits will still only be given to 1.5 percent above capacity of a school. All applications that meet the deadline go into a pool and are then randomly drawn to reach the cut-off number. Once that number is reached, applications received before the deadline that were not drawn will be placed on a waiting list.

Unlike previous years, permit applications submitted during the late enrollment window will not be added to that waiting list. Only schools with openings — having not reached the 1.5 percent above capacity — will be available during the late enrollment window beginning March 1 and continuing through the first semester break of the upcoming school year. Out-of-district applications will be allowed only in schools that have not reached capacity.

The district also will continue to honor the variances students received in the past. Layton said this means a student can continue at their variance school through the highest year available at that school — sixth grade for elementary, ninth grade for junior high and 12th grade for high school.

Out-of-district students will need to contact Student & Family Resources at 801-402-5159.