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District announces enhanced partnership to address community-wide racism

The Davis School District has announced an enhanced partnership with key groups to address inclusivity, discrimination, and community-wide racism.

enhanced partnership announcement

Installation Commander of the 75th Air Base Wing at Hill Air Force Base Col. Janise Carroll, Utah First Lady Abby Cox, and Davis County Commissioner Bob Stevenson were introduced to the school board during the regular Board of Education meeting Tuesday.

“I have not been treated differently myself, but individuals from the installation have,”  Carroll said during a press conference. “That’s where the partnership will definitely come into play.”

The formal partnership creates a united front involving the most influential organizations in the community, including federal, state and local levels of government. Hill Air Force Base is the largest employer in Davis County, followed by the school district with more than 70,000 students.

“The question for us is, can we make this a healthier community? That’s the question for us,” said District Assistant Superintendent John Zurbuchen. “Can we make this a more inclusive and healthy community?”

The partnership will hold regular meetings to discuss goals and progress while working with marginalized communities within Davis County.

“There is willingness and there is desire out there to basically say, ‘We are one and we are going to continue to build as one,’” Stevenson said.

As part of the partnership, Cox’s initiative “Show Up Utah” secured funding to bring inclusive sports to all 10 of the district’s high schools.

“We believe in whole school inclusion through participation in sports with kids with disabilities, without disabilities, all abilities, and race. We think that’s a beautiful way to provide that kind of inclusive environment for our schools,” said Cox.

The partnership enhances the district’s ongoing racial and inclusivity training for school employees.

“I believe that this partnership can be beautiful,” District Assistant Superintendent Dr. Jacqueline Thompson said. “We can plan to go together and build upon things that already had a foundation. We will work with our marginalized communities. We will work with all of our communities and our students will be right there with us.”

“We’ve got a lot of exciting things happening.”