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Central Davis Junior High wins district NAL championship

Central Davis Junior High wins district NAL championship

The National Academic League district championship came down to a nail-biting finish. After going into overtime, the Central Davis Junior High NAL team won the championship title by mere points. The Centennial Junior High NAL team came in second place overall for the district.

“The final game has come down to these two schools several times in the last few years and it’s always exciting and very close,” said Social Studies Supervisor Chris Hall. “One of the best parts of my job is getting to work with the amazing students in NAL and their coaches. These students thoroughly enjoy these activities together, win or lose.”

In several rounds, students answered a wide range of academic questions from geography, math, English, science and history.

Central Davis Junior High NAL advisor Alan Turpin tells his team before a championship game, “It's not who knows the answer, but who can recall the answer the quickest. Anytime you run out of questions before time runs out, like we did in this match, that means both teams were well prepared and ready with the quick and accurate responses.”

In order to prepare for the competition, students spend hours of study time above and beyond the team’s practice time.

“I stand amazed even as their coach, with all the pressures of the moment, seeing how quickly they can juggle sometimes complex verbal questions in their minds and come up with the correct response in a matter of seconds.  We are excited that Davis School District gives our students an opportunity to showcase their academic abilities.”

This year, only three districts in the country competed in district-wide NAL events.