District News

Calendar for current school year revised

The Board of Education of the Davis School District approved a revision to the 2020-21 calendar during its regular meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 5.

The changes include moving a professional day from Friday, March 5 to Tuesday, Feb. 16. A professional day is negotiated for teachers and means students are not in class, but teachers are receiving professional instruction or are finalizing report cards and preparing for parent conferences. Friday, March 5 will be a remote learning day. The change allows a nearly equal pattern of A and B blocks of classes for secondary students to continue through the end of the year. 

Additionally, the end of the year includes a remote learning day on Friday, June 4. That day will still be used for teachers to help students in need of remediation. Those students who have completed their work will attend school on Thursday as the last day. 

View the revised calendar.

In a related note, the proposal for the next year’s school calendar for 2021-22 includes ending before Memorial Day. Parents overwhelmingly made that request on a survey for the draft calendar. After some adjustments and negotiations, the calendar committee unanimously approved that option and sent the proposed calendar to the school board for its consideration. 

The Board of Education will make a final decision on the 2021-22 calendar proposal during its regular meeting Feb. 2.

A copy of the proposal can be viewed here.