District News

Board President makes statement regarding student's death

Board of Education President John Robison read the following statement at the beginning of the Board of Education workshop Tuesday night:

"We again express our sincere and heartfelt condolences to the family of Izzy Tichenor. 

"Multiple individuals — including school board members, the district’s superintendency, school administrators, school personnel and social workers — have been meeting daily from the time the tragedy transpired. 

"There are many things we can’t share about our direct interactions with the family because of privacy concerns and professional obligations. Generally speaking, extensive resources were provided to the family since enrolling their children. In fact, the family chose to continue having their children attend our schools after moving outside the district. That was because of the relationship they had with our schools and teachers. 

"We take this tragedy very seriously.

"The district is currently establishing an independent team to review the processes we have in place and the allegations that Izzy was racially harassed and discriminated against. Members of that independent team will include an expert in interviewing children about trauma, someone who is an expert in educational practices and someone who is an expert in the law. 

"The Tichenor’s family attorney, as well as the family, have been made aware of the creation of that independent team.

"As for the district and its schools, every incident of harassment and bullying is investigated. There is a process that is followed at the school level and the district level depending on the seriousness of any reported event.

"When the Department of Justice investigation started two-and-a-half years ago, every school administrator began extensive training in investigating, assessing and responding to all racial harassment allegations. With the release of the Department of Justice’s findings, every school administrator continues to be trained.

"The district also turns to 22 family service workers, 53 elementary counselors, and 53 school psychologists to help with students who may need additional support. 

"We will continue to provide and offer support to Izzy’s family and the school community as we move forward."