District News

Board approves amended calendar

The Board of Education of the Davis School District approved the addition of three early dismissal days to the elementary school year calendar for 2021-22. 

The additional early dismissal days are Wednesday, Oct. 27, Thursday, Jan. 13, and Wednesday, March 16. 

Ruthanne Keller, district elementary director and chair of the calendar committee, said the addition allows teachers time to prepare end-of-term reports and plan for the new term. The date previously set aside for that end-of-term preparation will be filled with three professional development trainings, including a state-required training for K-3 teachers.

The state-required training is for Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS), which provides teachers with research, knowledge and skills to make significant improvements in the literacy and language development of every student. Teachers not involved in LETRS will participate in other mandatory professional development trainings.

Keller said the calendar committee voted unanimously for the change. The committee consists of parents; district, elementary and secondary staff; Davis Education Association and Davis Education Support Professionals representatives; as well as a board representative. Keller noted that committee members recognized that the additional days will be a burden on parents, especially those with dual-working families.

“You know we made the decision a couple of years ago to reduce those early out times with our conference weeks,” Board Member Liz Mumford said. “We recognize the loss that (an early dismissal) is for families and the loss of instructional time for children. I think understanding that it is not a long-term change, but that it is in response to a situation, we’ll have to work with it.”