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District statement

The Davis School District has released this statement regarding the student who was asked to remove the ash cross from his forehead:

“We are sorry about what happened and apologize to the student and the family for the teacher’s actions. The actions were unacceptable. No student should ever be asked or required to remove an ash cross from his or her forehead.

“We take the matter very seriously and are investigating the situation. The teacher is currently on administrative leave.
“In a related note, one of the first phone calls placed — after reaching out to the student’s family — was to the district’s Director of Educational Equity.
“After expressing his concern, he quickly asked if he could reach out to the family — as an ordained Catholic deacon — about whether he could serve them and apply an ash cross to the student’s forehead.
“That permission was granted. The family was contacted, was grateful for his offer and allowed him to do so.
“The district knows and recognizes Ash Wednesday as one of the holiest days of the year in the Catholic faith and that it marks the beginning of Lent.
“Davis School District takes the matter very seriously and is continuing the investigation.”