Work-Based Learning

Work-Based Learning is an internship program where students can spend school hours interning locally to gain real-world experience in a field, they are interested in.

What is a Work-Based Learning Internship?

WBL working with 1000s of Community Partners

Students who are pathways completers can choose to do an internship for their capstone project. 


DSD Work-Based opportunities are very extensive, over the years the Work-Based Learning Team in Davis County has partnered with 1000’s of community mentors. There are many internships in which students can get involved with Work-Based Learning in the area:

  • Accounting, Finance, Investment
  • Auto Mechanics, Bicycles
  • Arts, Dancing, Music Therapy, Musicians, Culinary Arts, Bakery
  • Counseling, Psychology, Speech Path, Deaf and Blind
  • Dental, Orthodontics, Dental Lab Techs
  • Education
  • Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering, Computer, CAD drafting
  • Environmental Sciences, Nature Centers
  • Fashion Merchandising, Interior Design, Floral Design (spots limited)
  • Graphic Designers, Digital Media
  • Lawyer, Governments, Special Olympics(NGO), and Politicians
  • Law Enforcement, Police, Fire
  • Marketing, Business
  • Medical, Clinics and Hospitals
  • IT, Software, Hardware
  • Physical Therapy 
  • Plumbing, Construction, HVAC, Electricians, Welding
  • Public Relations (for Profit and not for profit), Communications, Journalism, Radio
  • Sales, Insurance, Real Estate
  • Sports Trainers
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Veterinarian



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Work-Based Learning benefits students by:
-Exposing students to adult role models.
-Improving scholastic student motivation.
-Applying classroom learning.
-Exploring career options.
-Helping students make better decisions and plans.
-Improving post-secondary prospects.
-Helping students understand workplace expectations.
-Exposing students to state-of-the-art practices and technology.



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