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Trainers support Career Coaches so everyone has the same goal: to help students identify and enroll in Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses and prepare them for a wide range of high-wage, high-skill, high-demand careers. 

Melanie Allen

Melanie Allen, CTE Transition Specialist 

Melanie has worked 16 years in education. As a high school SPED teacher her focus was to teach students to “Find a job, Get a Job, and Keep a Job”.  When students understand their post K-12 options they develop skills, and create a seamless transition to their post-high school goals.  She currently works in the CTE department at Davis School District and leads a team of coaches who provide services for special population students in the district. 



Summer Blackhurst

Summer Blackhurst, Communications 

Summer has worked for 20 years in Public Relations with an emphasis in education, non profit and special education. Was an after school teacher for 4 years in Title 1 schools in Salt Lake County. 


Lauren Cash

Lauren Cash, Data Analyst 

Lauren was a career officer in the United States Navy, followed by 20 years as a Junior High School Counselor. She currently works as a data analyst and para coach/educator. 


Lorie Callaway

Lorie Callaway, Career Coach Trainer 

The majority of her career, Lorie worked with students with severe and profound disabilities. She has helped to develop and promote communication tools for her students and provide them with resources to lead full lives and access the supports they would need in the future. 



Samira Gholami, Career Coach Trainer 

Samira has a bachelors in health, society, and policy. She is currently applying for law school. Samira has worked with multiple organizations to advocate for special populations and their rights in schools and in the community. She has conducted focus groups and gathered data to support special populations in Davis School District. 


Candice Taylor

Candice Taylor, Academic Support & Career Coach Trainer 

Candice spent several years as a six grade teacher for students with a broad base of needs and accommodations. Has worked in Title 1 schools, and in a high school on the Navajo Reservation. Candice is also a life coach and mentor for children and adults. She is currently a para coach working one on one with CTE teachers and their special population students at Mueller Park Jr. High. 


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