CTE Activities

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These student activity plans are for teachers, counselors, and CTE coordinators to use in classes, presentations, or for College and Career Readiness (CCR) conferences.

7th-12th Student Activities and YouScience



Our job as educators is to help students find their Pathway and support their success on that path.

Casey Layton, DSD Director of School Counseling





counselor data project

Has your school counseling team already planned the Data Project for this year? If not, consider....

School Counseling Accountability and Data Project

counselor data project

The annual data project is an ideal place to document career exploration and expanded access to CTE opportunities. In alignment with the "All In- Without Limits" platform promoting improved access to specific career preparation, the project target group could be special populations such as students with IEP's, ELL students, and others with special needs. The data project could follow students over one or multiple years.

For help with designing and implementing a CTE-based Counselor Data Project, contact Lauren Cash, CTE Coach, at lcash@dsdmail.net.




CTE Mentoring and Additional Resources


Some of the best ways to help students know what they can do now to prepare for their future are through support activities like career fairs and student mentoring. The following are benefits to the students as they enter CTE Pathways:

  • Enhance School Experience 
  • Prepare for College
  • Explore Career Options
  • Find Career Passion
  • Gain Real World Skills
  • Experience Hands-on Learning
  • Make Valuable Connections
  • Develop Professional Skills