CTE Activities

Help Students:

  • Gain Real World Skills
  • Experience Hands-on Learning
  • Make Valuable Connections
  • Develop Professional Skills
  • Enhance School Experience 
  • Prepare for College
  • Explore Career Options
  • Find Career Passion

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Student Lessons

These student activity plans are for teachers, counselors, and CTE coordinators to use in classes, presentations, or for College and Career Readiness (CCR) conferences.

Activity Plan 1 Identify and explore career options in CTE Clusters and Pathways 

  • Be able to find CTE Career Pathways and course offerings at current school
  • Understand opportunities for traditional and nontraditional career choices 

Activity Plan 1PowerPoint Plan 1

Activity Plan 2 Use career assessment tools such as YouScience

  • Complete career assessment(s) to identify career options.  
  • Use YouScience to consider aptitudes, skills, abilities and interests.  

Activity Plan 2PowerPoint Plan 2

Activity Plan 3 Learn about CTE Pathways and clusters

  • Connect, stay informed, and earn rewards using social media apps, such as Keys to Success.   
  • Learn about  Davis District and state resources and programs.

Activity Plan 3, PowerPoint Plan 3

Activity 4 Plan future education and employment

  • Find out more about Concurrent Enrollment and Work-based Learning.
  • Learn how to pay for future education and training. 
  • Find scholarships, funding, and grants.

Activity Plan 4, PowerPoint Plan 4

Activity Plan 5 search and evaluate different jobs in the student’s career interest area

  • Formulate future career plan using YouScience, Keys to Success, and CTE Pathway connections. 
  • Know how to find Pathways on the DSD and state websites. 
  • Identify the Pathway connected to student's career interest. 

Activity Plan 5, PowerPoint Plan 5, Game 5

Activity Plan 6 understand benefits of CTE programs such as Work-based Learning Internships and Concurrent Enrollment Programs

  • Confirm status of being a Concentrator or Completer. 
  • Investigate training requirements, income, required skills and job outlook to determine if a career path will support desired lifestyle. 
  • Know the steps required to apply and participate in Work-based Learning and Concurrent Enrollment. 

Activity 6 Plan, PowerPoint Plan 5 

Supplemental Activity Downloads

Career Resources for Teachers, CTE Coordinators, Counselors & Administrators


The resources listed below focus on what students can do now to prepare for the future and support activities like career fairs and student mentoring. 

Our job as educators is to help students find their Pathway and support their success on that path.

Casey Layton, DSD Director of School Counseling

School Counseling Accountability and Data Project

counselor data project

The annual data project is an ideal place to document career exploration and expanded access to CTE opportunities for under-served population groups. Junior High School projects may include implementation of YouScience in 7th and 9th grade, field trips, Work-based Learning activities such as job shadows, Pathway exploration, guest speakers, and mock job interviews. 

High school projects may include CTE concentration/completion, enrollment in satellite technical programs such as DTC and Catalyst, internships and other Work-based Learning experiences.

In alignment with the Without Limits platform promoting improved access to specific career preparation, the project target group could be special populations such as students with IEP's, ELL students, and others with special needs. The data project could could follow students over one or multiple years.



The YouScience Profile is designed to help you leverage your aptitudes, those natural abilities you were born with. The YouScience Profile is the only online platform that measures aptitudes and interests and then matches them to majors and careers that fit you best. Knowing your aptitudes empowers you to make some of life’s biggest decisions confidently! 

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