What will happen if I exempt my student from one or more assessments?

A student who opts out of an assessment will not receive a score for that assessment. Opting out of an assessment will not negatively affect a student’s grade, nor will it affect the opportunities students have for participation in a full range of academic programs and services. As an exception, 12th-grade students who opt out of the civics test (which is required by state law for graduation) will not be eligible to receive a high school diploma. Standardized test scores are frequently used to determine placement in advanced courses/programs and to identify specific instructional needs of students. If a student opts out of testing, no score will exist to support these decisions, so parents will need to work closely with educators to ensure that students have access to everything they need to be successful.


At the request of a student’s parent or guardian, a school shall excuse a student from taking a statewide assessment or certain District administered assessments.  The statewide assessments and District administered assessments to which opt out provisions apply are listed on the Davis District Standardized Assessment Opt Out Form.  

Any assessment not listed on the Davis District Standardized Assessment Opt Out Form is not open to the same exemption provisions and protection from consequences.  The consequences of taking or failing assessments not listed on the Davis District Standardized Assessment Opt Out Form shall be governed by the applicable District, school, or class policy.

The process for a parent or guardian to exempt their children from an assessment is provided by Utah Administrative Code R277-404-6.C.  A school or educator may not impose additional procedures to exercise this right nor may any penalty or adverse consequences be imposed upon the student.  

A parent desiring to exempt their student from statewide (or certain District) administered assessment(s) shall annually complete the Davis School District Standardized Assessment Opt-out Form and provide it to the responsible school administrator a minimum of one (1) day prior to the administration of the assessment.

School grading, educator evaluation, and student progress reports or grades may not be negatively impacted by students excused from taking a statewide assessment. Additionally, no school or employee may reward a student for merely taking a statewide assessment or a District assessment listed on the Davis District Standardized Assessment Opt-out Form.

  Testing opt-out Q&A document for parents

  Davis District standardized assessment opt-out form

The Utah State Board of Education publishes an approved parental exclusion form for statewide assessments.  One for elementary statewide assessments and one for secondary statewide assessments.

The Davis School District publishes a Standardized Assessment Opt Out Form which includes all the elements of the state form but also includes additional District tests to which opt out provisions apply.  Either form will be accepted, but the District encourages the use of the District form (linked above).

  Parental exclusion from state assessments (form)