High School Tests


High School Level Assessments

As our communities and schools begin to move towards recovery from the impacts of COVID-19, we are all preparing to address the individual learning needs of our students. An important part of implementing appropriate instructional plans is determining what knowledge and skills each student currently has and aligning that knowledge with the learning targets for the new instructional cycle. Provided is a list of tools that are available to evaluate student learning in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, and science This document is designed to provide additional details regarding these tool and how they fit into the Utah State Board of Education’s and Davis School District’s phases of recovery. Our Assessment team will work to keep you updated and informed on testing schedules and assessment availability, and safe implementation guidelines as we continue toward our recovery phase.

Testing Calendars

Testing Ethics

Testing Exemption

 View exemption procedures if you would like to exempt your student from one or more assessments this year.

Demonstration of Proficiency

 View demonstration of proficiency procedures if you would like your student to show proficiency on a statewide summative assessment to fulfill a requirement or partial course requirement in a course.

Aspire Plus for Grades 9-10

The Utah Aspire Plus is a hybrid of America College Test (ACT) Aspire and Utah Core test items. This is computer delivered and will include sub-tests for Reading, English, Math, and Science. The tests will provide students a predictive score for the ACT, which is taken by all Utah 11th grade students and is the most commonly submitted college readiness assessment for local universities.

Civics (Required by Law for Graduation)

Davis School District supports the Utah State Legislature in promoting civic education for graduating students in public schools.  Utah law, and Davis School District, requires students to take and pass a civics tests based on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Civics Test.

 View more information regarding the required civics test on the Teaching and Learning website.

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