Elementary Level Assessments

As our communities and schools begin to move towards recovery from the impacts of COVID-19, we are all preparing to address the individual learning needs of our students. An important part of implementing appropriate instructional plans is determining what knowledge and skills each student currently has and aligning that knowledge with the learning targets for the new instructional cycle. Provided is a list of tools that are available to evaluate student learning in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, and science This document is designed to provide additional details regarding these tool and how they fit into the Utah State Board of Education’s and Davis School District’s phases of recovery. Our Assessment team will work to keep you updated and informed on testing schedules and assessment availability, and safe implementation guidelines as we continue toward our recovery phase.

Information Available for:

  • Acadience Reading
  • CRT
  • Kindergarten (KEEP)
  • RISE

Testing Calendars

Testing Ethics

Testing Exemption

 View exemption procedures if you would like to exempt your student from one or more assessments this year.

Demonstration of Proficiency

 View demonstration of proficiency procedures if you would like your student to show proficiency on a statewide summative assessment to fulfill a requirement or partial course requirement in a course.

Kindergarten Entry and Exit Profile (KEEP)

Beginning in 2017-18, Utah’s Kindergarten Entry and Exit Profile (KEEP) is given to kindergarten students at the beginning and end of the year to provide insights into the academic development of our kindergarten students. It also promotes data-informed decision-making regarding instruction.

Kindergarten classes do not meet on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th days of school, so teachers can give the KEEP to each student individually. At the end of the year, there are also days that kindergarten classes do not meet, so teachers can again meet with each student individually to give some sections of the KEEP.

Acadience Reading (Formerly Known as DIBELS)

Beginning in 2011-2012, some elements of the Acadience Reading system are required of elementary school students. The links on the page will clarify what is required for students at each grade level.

Note: mCLASS is the required Acadience Reading testing system for Grades K-3.

CRT for Grades 1 and 2

Criterion Reference Tests (CRTs) in Language Arts and Mathematics are administered to students in grades one and two at the end of the school year. Optional Interim tests are also available for mid-year testing.

These Davis School District tests were developed from the Davis DESK Standards. The test questions were written by Davis School District teachers and reviewed and edited by Davis School District teachers.

RISE for Grades 3-8

The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) administers End-of-Level tests called RISE to students in English language arts, mathematics, and science courses in grades 3-8. These assessments are computer adaptive tests. RISE is the acronym for Readiness, Improvement, Success, and Empowerment.