What do I need to know about having my student demonstrate proficiency?

Davis School District shall reasonably accommodate a parent’s or guardian’s request to allow a student’s demonstration of proficiency on a statewide summative assessment (RISE or Utah ASPIRE Plus) to fulfill a requirement or partial course requirement in a course.

1.       These guidelines apply to secondary students in English, Math, and Science courses possessing a course requirement that is reasonable and well-aligned to the performance outcomes on the assigned statewide summative assessment.

2.       The process for implementation at each school will be determined by school administrators in consultation with educators of statewide tested courses; subject to approval by the Assessment Director.

3.       The District recommends that these guidelines be implemented similarly for all participating educators of a specific course within a school.

4.       Participating educators of statewide tested courses must include in their course disclosure wording similar to the statement below, as approved by the principal of the school.

“At the written request of a student’s parent/guardian, a graded course requirement or partial requirement can be fulfilled (or marked complete/proficient) if a student demonstrates proficiency on the statewide summative assessment for this course.  To facilitate this request, a form will be sent to each student’s parent or guardian to request that his/her student’s demonstration of proficiency on the statewide summative assessment fulfill a course requirement in this course.

The course requirement which can be fulfilled (or marked complete/proficient) for this course is _______________________________________________ (here the educator inserts a description of the selected course requirement or partial course requirement to be fulfilled by demonstration of proficiency on the statewide summative assessment.)”

5.       Participating educators will send a form to parents to gather needed information on parent requests.  A template will be provided by the District Assessment Department. (link below)

6.       Parents should submit the completed form to the educator of the student’s tested course before the testing window opens.

7.       Participating educators are responsible to collect and maintain parent request forms and make gradebook determinations accordingly.

8.       Scores from the statewide summative assessment are not entered into the gradebook to determine a course grade.  Rather completion of one course requirement (or part of one course requirement) may be fulfilled by a proficient score on the statewide summative assessment.

9.       State and District policies/procedures for parents to except their child from statewide assessments (opting out) will continue.  Implementation of these guidelines are not intended to discourage a student/parent from opting out of statewide assessments.

10.      State and District policies prohibit the use of statewide assessment scores in determining a student’s academic grade or whether a student may advance to the next grade level.


  Demonstration of proficiency in course standards template