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LAND Trust and School Improvement Plans

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In order to receive state LAND Trust funds, school community councils must complete two cycles of planning/reporting each year.

In fall, schools complete the following:

  • Committee Form (listing community council members and contact information)
  • Principal Assurance Form (verifying compliance with laws and procedures for community councils)
  • Prior Year Final Report (to be completed in January 2021)

In spring, schools complete the following:

  • Composite School Plan (including current year progress report and upcoming year plan for LAND Trust expenditures) [Link to SY2022 school plan editing form/app in Office 365]
  • Community Council Signature Form (verifying member participation in the planning process)

Signature Forms



Elementary School - Current Plans

Junior High School - Current Plans

Senior High School - Current Plans

Alternative School - Current Plans

Final Reports, Prior Year, and Digital Citizenship