Davis District employees and others may submit a request to collect and/or analyze district, school, teacher, or student level data for informational or research purposes. Any research done in Davis District must be approved in advance. Approval will be based upon the intent the data will be used for and the permission level of the requestor.

Survey Request

Qualtrics Account

The Qualtrics accounts are currently provided by USBE for for Davis School District employees only.

Account setup instructions:
1-Click on the create account link.
2-Click on "Don't have an account" (blue text at bottom of card).
3-Enter district email
4-No access code required (leave blank)
5-Follow on screen instructions.

For information regarding Qualtrics accounts and surveys please contact:

Peter Vanderlinden
Assessment Supervisor
  (801) 402-5289

Custom Data Request

  Request a customized report

For information regarding custom data requests please contact:

Bryce Barth
Data Supervisor
  (801) 402-5229



Evaluate Davis Data

For information regarding Evaluate Davis please contact:

Suzanne Cottrell
Department: Professional Learning and Quality Staffing
  (801) 402-5173

Research Request

All research activities conducted with Davis School District employees, students, or on district premises must be approved through a formal research approval process. This process (similar to a university IRB) ensures that privacy rights are maintained and that research efforts support the district's mission and purpose.

  Submit a research request

For information regarding research requests please contact:

Janeal Magalei
Assessment Director
  (801) 402-5356