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The content on this site is provided to the Davis District community to accomplish 2 primary objectives.

  1. To communicate to the community what student data is shared outside the district.
  2. Review apps, websites, and 3rd party content for either compliance to FERPA mandates and FERPA exceptions.

Jonathan Hyatt

The Davis School District is committed to ensuring the privacy, security, and confidentiality of student data while enabling the information to be used to improve student outcomes.




In order to keep students' personally identifiable information (abbreviated PII) secure, every employee who will encounter student PII needs to be trained on a yearly basis.  (11IR-110 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Policy)


Student Info Sharing - Apps/Services

  • Review procedures
  • Review metadata dictionary  - State database of services with whom student information is shared.
  •    Submit a TOS request - Request to share student information with a 3rd party company or website.  Without this approval, we cannot share student information (usernames, emails, passwords) with websites without written parent permission.
    • Outcome 1: Site/App/or Service will be added to DSD database
    • Outcome 2: FERPA approval will be indicated whether written parent consent will be requires OR it will be added as an EXCEPTION under FERPA rules (school official exception)
  •    Submit a MOU request - Request to get a Memorandum of Understanding written or signed relating to research and student information shared with partner organizations

FERPA Database

For adding new items to this database, or viewing more detailed information, please go to the SHAREPOINT site for Software and Textbooks - Adopted and Supplemental.


Welcome to the DSD Instructional Materials Database. Search through different apps, websites, textbooks, and desktop applications. Submit new items for this list to jhyatt@dsdmail.net

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Data Retention Policies for the Davis School District follow the recommendations of the Utah State Archives. Schools and Department Administrators oversee data retention for their locations.