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Jonathan Hyatt

  • Instructional Materials and Adoptions / Student
  • Data Privacy Phone: 801.402.5360
  • Email: jhyatt@dsdmail.net
Instructions to access student materials may be viewed by all.  Instructions for TEACHER materials may only be viewed by teacher users in Office 365. NOTE: It may take a moment for the OneNote Notebooks below to load

The Davis School District is committed to ensuring the privacy, security, and confidentiality of student data while enabling the information to be used to improve student outcomes.




In order to keep students' personally identifiable information (abbreviated PII) secure, every employee who will encounter student PII needs to be trained on a yearly basis.

Request to Share Student Information

  • Review procedures
  • Review metadata dictionary  - State database of services with whom student information is shared.
  • Submit a TOS request - Request to share student information with a 3rd party company or website.  Without this approval, we cannot share student information (usernames, emails, passwords) with websites without written parent permission.
  • Submit a MOU request - Request to get a Memorandum of Understanding written or signed relating to research and student information shared with partner organizations