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Davis School District

Hot Work Permission and Inspection Record

Representative of company/contractor listed above​​​​​​​
Technicians performing hot work demonstrate a working knowledge of equipment used and in performing hot operations safely.​​
Fire watch person(s) in available and not responsible for other duties during fire watch.​
Frie watch person(s) have been trained in use of portable fire extinguisher and fire reporting procedures as per safety plans.​
Fire watch continued for 30 minutes after termination of hot work procedure.​
Portable fire extinguisher(s) available within 30 feet of hot work operation. Extinguisher(s) have a minimum rating of 2-A:20-BC.​
Hot work equipment is in safe operating condition and maintained as per equipment listings.​
Where compressed gas cylinders are used, the cylinders are properly secured from tipping.​​
Egress out of the area is free of obstructions.​
Floors are clean and free of clutter.​
Flammables and combustibles are removed from work area and protected using Approved methods.​
Protective barriers are in place and in reliable condition.​
Where openings in walls or other structural components are present, they are covered or filled with approved materials.​
Where existing, exposed combustible construction members are properly protected.​
Where automatic sprinkler system heads or automatic fire detection appliances exist, they are protected as per impairment plan.​

Permission to conduct the described hot work is approved when all conditions listed are in the affirmative. Approval is granted by the Hot Work Program Administrator or the Hot Work Inspector under the authority of the fire authority and as described in Section 3505 of the state adopted fire code. This record shall remain on premises to accommodate reviews by the fire authority.

Defined Fire Authority: Steve Higley, Deputy Utah State Fire Marshal

Davis School District Local Fire Authorities:

Carey Maedgen, Inspection Coordinator

Scott Zigich, Director Risk Management/Safety Compliance

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