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Belinda Kuck | Director

Belinda Kuck

Belinda Kuck
Teaching and Learning Director


Belinda received a B.A. in French from Utah State University and a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and Policy from the University of Utah. She has served as a French teacher, librarian, and assistant principal at Clearfield High School and as a curriculum supervisor and assistant director of the Teaching and Learning department in Davis School District. She was named to the district's Hall of Fame in 1994 and recognized in 2014 as the Utah Educational Library Media Association Administrator of the Year.

Her responsibilities as the Director of Teaching and Learning include oversight of all Humanities, STEM and Healthy Lifestyles standards, curriculum, professional learning, and related student programs, competitions and events.

Belinda is passionate about students and teachers and learning. She wants students to be prepared to pursue any opportunity. Teachers need to be supported with excellent professional learning in teaching practices, provided with evidence-based instructional materials and time to implement both. Parents are the student's first teachers and are our partners working together for Learning First!

Tim Best | Health, Athletics, and Physical Education Section Leader

Timothy Best

Tim Best
Health, Athletics, and Physical Education Section Director

Tyson Grover | STEM Section Leader

Tyson Grover
STEM Section Director
Science Curriculum Supervisor


As the STEM Director for Davis School District, Tyson is committed to promoting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education in Utah.  The STEM team is dedicated to establishing a K-12 STEM framework that includes STEM-focused curriculum, systemic professional learning for teachers and administrators, established outcomes for STEM, and extracurricular connections. He provides support to thousands of teachers throughout the district and works tirelessly to cultivate a culture of innovation.  He received the 2018 Governors Medal for Science and Technology and the Northern Utah Curriculum Consortium 2017 Leadership Award.  To further promote STEM collaboration across the state, he is a founder of the Utah Science Curriculum Consortium, which aims to promote science education collaboration between districts and schools throughout Utah.


Traci Robbins | Humanities Section Leader

Traci Robbins
Humanities Section Director


Traci L. Robbins serves as Humanities Director for the Davis School District. The humanities are academic disciplines that study the human condition, using methods that are primarily analytical, critical, or speculative. As Humanities Director, Traci will support educational development in the following disciplines:

  • Language Arts
  • World Language
  • Social Studies
  • Fine Arts
  • Immersion
  • Libraries

Traci Robbins is committed to the continued excellence of and the promotion and exploration of all things HUMAN. The Humanities Team works tirelessly to support teachers and school leaders in bringing the highest quality curriculum, instruction, and professional learning available for optimal teaching and learning. Traci will continue to cultivate an appreciation for and an understanding of the ARTS as she seeks ways to enhance the extraordinary opportunities available to the students of Davis School District. Traci Robbins was a classroom teacher, assistant principal, and principal in the Davis School District. Her passion and dedication to students has earned her many award including Utah Distinguished Principal.

Explorations of the Humanities                                                                                                  

Through exploration of the humanities we learn how to think creatively and critically, to reason, and to ask questions. Because these skills allow us to gain new insights into everything from poetry and paintings to business models and politics, humanistic subjects have been at the heart of a liberal arts education since the ancient Greeks first used  them to educate their citizens.

Understanding Our World

Research into the human experience adds to our knowledge about our world. Through the work of humanities scholars, we learn about the values of different cultures, about what goes into making a work of art, about how history is made. Their efforts preserve the great accomplishments of the past, help us understand the world we live in, and give us tools to imagine the future.

Bringing Clarity to the Future

Today, humanistic knowledge continues to provide the ideal foundation for exploring and understanding the human experience. Investigating a branch of philosophy might get you thinking about ethical questions. Learning another language might help you gain an appreciation for the similarities in different cultures. Contemplating a sculpture might make you think about how an artist's life affected her creative decisions. Reading a book from another region of the world, might help you think about the meaning of democracy. Listening to a history course might help you better understand the past, while at the same time offer you a clearer picture of the future.




Andra Thorne | K-12 Fine Arts

Andra Thorne
K-12 Fine Arts Supervisor


Andra comes to the District office from Davis High School where she was the theater teacher for 20 years. She holds a BS from Weber State University with a double major in Theatre Arts Education and Communications and an MA in Arts Administration from Southern Utah University. Andra has done extensive work with arts integration and served as a Beverly Taylor Sorenson art specialist at Stewart Elementary. Andra was the creator and director of "Ready, Set, PLAY!" a high school arts integration group that traveled to district elementary schools implementing arts instruction with core subjects. Andra's background includes music, dance, directing, producing, design and technical theater. She is currently serving as president of the Utah Advisory Council of Theater Teachers and is a founding member of the Utah Partnership for Arts Education. She has presented at conferences around the state covering numerous theater and educational practices. She is excited and happy to serve performing and visual art students and teachers K-12 in the Davis School District. When she's not attending concerts and plays, Andra loves to camp with her family, nap, cook, tap dance, lay in the sun, and play with her puppy, Burton Guster Thorne. 

Chera Fernelius I 7-12 English Language Arts

Chera Fernelius
Secondary English Language Arts Supervisor

Prior to joining the central office, Chera taught English 7, English 8/Honors English 8, and READ 180 at Farmington Jr. High. Prior, she taught in Canyons School District. Chera has completed a Reading Endorsement and holds a Master's degree in Teaching and is an adjunct instructor in the MAT program at Westminster, teaching English Methods and Curriculum Design and Management at the graduate level. 

Monica Flint | K-6 Social Studies, Libraries

Monica Murdock

Monica Flint
Elementary Social Studies Supervisor
Library Media Supervisor


Annette Fonnesbeck | K-6 Science and Engineering

Annette Fonnesbeck
Elementary Science and Engineering Supervisor


Annette received a B.S. in Elementary Education and Special Education with an endorsement in math from Utah State University. She also received her STEM endorsement from Weber State University in 2016 with the first Davis cohort. In her current roles within the district, she has lead teams of teachers in unpacking the new 6-8 SEEd Standards for the state, writing SEEd Storyline science curriculum and assessments, developing science Canvas courses, and designing and presenting 3D Science and Strand Training professional developments. She is currently working on her Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Instruction at Weber State University where her research is focused on how to implement differentiated professional development through blended learning.


Heather Gross | K-6 English Language Arts

Heather Gross 
Elementary English Language Arts Supervisor

Christopher Hall | 7-12 Social Studies

Christopher Hall
Secondary Social Studies Supervisor

Chris is a former Social Studies teacher and received a B.S in geography from Weber State University and then attended Syracuse University for graduate studies. He has wide experience in teacher training, having worked as a consultant for the College Board since 2001.  He was recognized as Secondary Teacher of the Year by Davis School District in 2006 and received the national Distinguished Geography Teacher in Secondary Education by the National Council of Geographic Education in 2007.  His passion is the promotion of effective instruction for all students.

Lindsey Henderson | K-12 Mathematics

Lindsay Henderson
Secondary Mathematics Supervisor

Lindsay earned her B.S. in Mathematics and Geology from the University of Utah.  She spent 15 years teaching all levels and subjects of 7th - 12th grade Mathematics in Salt Lake City School District. Most recently, Lindsey has held leadership roles in two educational technology startups where she designed, created and led educators through STEM certification courses.  Additionally, she wrote and curated NGSS and Mathematics Common Core-aligned learning experiences and fostered communities of students, parents, and educators who are passionate about STEM!  Lindsey is driven by a strong desire for equal access to rigor for all students, collaborative instructional experiences, inquiry-based methodologies, project-based learning, scaffolded instructional techniques, inspiring self-directed learners, honing student's 21st Century Skills, and she is absolutely crazy about her Scottish Kilt kittens (don't ask her about them unless you have at least an hour to kill)!


Jon Hyatt | Instructional Materials Adoptions

Brent Hinds

Jon Hyatt
Instructional Materials Adoptions and Data

Jon Hyatt started in Granite School district as a classroom teacher and taught World Studies, Spanish 1, Web Design, Yearbook, and Stage Crew for 8 years.  In 2008, Jon joined Davis School District as the grant director of a social studies Title II grant program.  As a supervisor, Jon currently facilitates textbook adoption processes under the direction of the Teaching and Learning Director, and works as part of the Data Team in the Assessment Department

Branden Lansing | K-12 World Languages

Branden Lansing

Branden Lansing
World Languages Supervisor
Dual Language Immersion Programs


Branden Lansing currently holds a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Design and received his B.A. in German with a French Minor. He is a fluent speaker of both French and German. He spent 8 years in the elementary French immersion classroom after teaching at the Jr. High and High School level, both French and German.

MaryEllen Marx | K-6 Coding and Robotics

MaryEllen Marx
Elementary Coding and Robotics

MaryEllen started in Davis School district as a classroom teacher and taught grades K through 4 for 14 years.  As a classroom teacher, MaryEllen received the first CARE award given to a teacher in Davis School District and was recognized by the Math Teacher Academy.  As a supervisor, MaryEllen currently oversees the Elementary Keyboarding and Coding programs, but she has also overseen the K-2 Math program, PD Pro, and the district's Professional Learning Communities.  MaryEllen has a BS in Elementary Education and a MA in Learning and Technology.  She is also ESL endorsed and certified as both a SMARTS and a Blended Learning Live facilitator.  MaryEllen is the mother of five daughters and  the grandmother of 1 grandson and 1 grand daughter.

Carol Nef, Blended Learning

Photo of Carol Nef





Carol Nef
Blended Learning
801-402-5237 (office)
801-529-3898 (mobile)

Carol began her career in Davis School District as a classroom teacher and taught grades 5 and 6 for 14 years.  As a classroom teacher, Carol served on numerous district committees and taught M3 Modeling Mathematical Methods for Elementary Math.  As a supervisor, Carol currently oversees the Blended Learning initiative along with the Gradebook and DESK, but she has also overseen the Digital Teaching for elementary, 1:1 project, and Professional Learning Communities.  Carol has a BA in Elementary Education and a MEd in Curriculum & Instruction with endorsements in Spanish, Music, ESL, Math Level II, and Educational Technology.  She is certified as a Blended Learning Live facilitator and is a Microsoft Innovative Educator.  


Sheri Sauve | Gifted and Talented

Sheri Sauve

Sheri Sauve
Davis Enhanced Education Programs Supervisor