Project Lead the Way

Project Lead the Way

Project Lead the Way's Launch program for elementary students is designed to tap into students' innate interests in exploration, discovery, and play.  The Launch Computer Science modules play an important role in the district's K-12 STEM Framework.  Davis School District now has the Launch program in 23 of its elementary schools.   Each school has two specially certified teachers called LEAD teachers who provide assistance and support to the school's classroom teachers.  List of LEAD Teachers.

PLTW Schools

  • Bountiful Elementary         
  • Canyon Creek Elementary         
  • Crestview Elementary         
  • Doxey Elementary
  • Eagle Bay Elementary        
  • East Layton Elementary              
  • Ellison Park Elementary      
  • Endeavor Elementary
  • Farmington Elementary      
  • Fremont Elementary                   
  • Foxboro Elementary            
  • Kay's Creek Elementary
  • Kaysville Elementary                          
  • Oak Hills Elementary            
  • Odyssey Elementary
  • Orchard Elementary           
  • Sand Springs Elementary           
  • Snow Horse Elementary      
  • Stewart Elementary
  • Valley View Elementary      
  • Wasatch Elementary                   
  • West Bountiful Elementary         
  • Windridge Elementary


PLTW Launch has 24 interdisciplinary modules broken into three strands:  Computer science, engineering, and biomedical science.  Each module is designed according to the PLTW model of activities, projects, and problems that build upon each other.  As students engage in carefully scaffolded hands-on activities, they become creative, collaborative problem solvers.

The following resources provide detailed information about the Launch courses and modules:

  • PLTW Launch Modules- a brief description of all Launch Modules.
  • Computer Science Modules - a description of modules in the Computer Science Strand.
  • Modules Grid- shows how the modules fit within one of the three pathways:  Computer Science, Engineering, Biomedical Engineering.
  • Overview of activities, projects, and problems within each module.
  • Standards Alignment -- shows how modules meet the Next Generation Science Standards.

For more information, please visit:

Project Lead the way website  
PLTH Webinar Video

For support for any PLTW related question, please contact the PLTW Solutions Center at 877-335-7589.


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