InfiniD Learning

InfiniD Learning Labs

InfiniD Learning offers an engaging and exciting STEM opportunity for students.  At the core of InfiniD are game-like simulations which transform students into 21st century astronauts who must work collaboratively to survive!  While students work to solve a problem central to the mission, they develop essential 21st Century skills: collaboration, communication, creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking. The missions also require students to apply content knowledge from multiple disciplines (math, science, language arts, social studies), which has been taught in the regular classroom.

InfiniD Learning Labs are now in 10 elementary schools in Davis School District and more are coming soon.  Plus, new innovations in their technology will allow more students access to their engaging simulations.

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Pictured below:  Students at Holt Elementary School running a mission in their Infini D Learning Lab.

Stem activity

Infini D Labs Can be found in the following schools:

Bountiful Elementary

Endeavor Elementary

Holt Elementary

King Elementary

Lakeside Elementary

Layton Elementary

Sunset Elementary

Vae View Elementary

Valley View Elementary

West Point Elementary

InfiniD Labs will soon be available at the following schools:

Antelope Elementary

Boulton Elementary

Burton Elementary

Creekside Elementary

Farmington Elementary