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The Northern Utah STEM Career and College Exposition has become an annual tradition after the success of the first annual EXPO which was held November 3, 2014.

The purpose of the EXPO is to foster student enthusiasm for STEM careers and to provide students with opportunities to explore STEM fields, investigate educational pathways, and to collaborate with local STEM based business and industry. 

The day session brings together more than 800 high school students with various levels of interest in STEM careers, a multitude of real-world experts who work in local STEM based business and industry, and numerous colleges and universities which provide STEM training and education. 

In 2016, a change in format gave students the choice of attending up to three panel sessions. The panel sessions brought together a group of experts in general STEM categories:  Advanced Manufacturing, Computer Sciences, Construction Technologies, Digital Design and Media, Energy and Environment, Health & Biomedical Sciences, and Transportation Technologies. After short presentations by the panelists, students were able to participate in a discussion and ask questions.

Ample time to browse the Expo Hall completes the students’ day. The Expo Hall features 50+ booths with hands on activities sponsored by local businesses, STEM based industries, military branches, applied technology colleges, community colleges, and universities. A drawing at the end of the EXPO awards attending students with prizes donated by the participating businesses.

An evening session is open to teachers, parents, family members and K-12 students of Davis, Weber, Ogden, and Morgan School Districts. The family sessions have attracted between 3,000 and 5,000 attendees.  

The event is sponsored by Tesoro, Weber State College, the STEM Action Center, and the Davis Education Foundation.  

See the KUTV report (2014) for more information.