SeaPerch Competition


What is SeaPerch?

SeaPerch is a robotics program that is unique in that the robot is designed to perform underwater tasks. The program was started by the United States Navy to attract students to pursue education and careers in STEM areas.  As students design, build, and test their Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) they develop skills in multiple areas: 
  • team work and problem solving;
  • science concepts such as buoyancy and displacement;
  • tool safety, soldering, and measurements;
  • ship and submarine design principles;
  • mechanical engineering (propulsion and water proofing);
  • electrical engineering, (electricity, circuits, and switches);
  • and the many exciting careers that are possible in naval architecture and marine engineering.


Video:  Seaperch Competition

Utah Underwater Robotics Competition Website


The MESA program in Davis and Weber School Districts sponsors the Wasatch Front Competition. You can find information on the MESA page (see "Competitions"). US Synthetic, BYU, and other sponsors conduct the Utah Underwater Robotics Program and Competition. You can find information at Utah Underwater Robotics.  The national website,, provides information on these competitions as well as information on how to start a SeaPerch program.