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STEM Endorsed Teachers

STEM Endorsed Teachers

A very dedicated and hard working group of teachers recently earned the first ever Elementary STEM Endorsement.  This endorsement means that not only have the teachers expanded their knowledge in the subjects of science, math, engineering, and technology, but more importantly, have also learned an entirely new philosophical basis from which to teach.  

STEM is a distinct set of instructional practices where rigorous academic concepts are coupled with real-world, problem-based lessons. It requires a major pedagogical shift as teachers come out from behind the desk, the protective pedestal of knowledge, and students become active learners exerting control of their own educational outcomes.  It is one thing to be told how the world works through the eyes of a scientist or engineer and a whole different thing when invited to figure out how the world works for yourself.

Earning a STEM Endorsement requires over 300 hours of class time and study over a period of two years.  Classes are taught at both the Weber State University (WSU) main campus in Ogden and the WSU-Davis campus in Clearfield.  The courses include foundational topics such as "The Nature of Science and Engineering" and "Problem-Solving and Logic," integrated Science and Engineering courses in Forces, Matter, and Energy, and a capstone course on specific teaching practices with a focus on integration.

For more information, contact Tyson Grover at tgrover@dsdmail.net or visit Weber State University's STEM Endorsement page.

The following teachers and administrators have earned their STEM Endorsements:

Fermin Soriano Bautista

Fermin Soriano Bautista teaches at Viewmont High School.

Fermin was born and raised in Spain.  He has a bachelor´s degree in Language Arts with a major in Language Education and a minor in English teaching. He came to the USA as an exchange teacher as part of the dual immersion program. He started teaching at Eagle Bay Elementary and then was selected to teach high level immersion students in the Bridge program at Viewmont High School.   He is married to a "wonderful" wife and they are raising three children. 

"Earning this endorsement has shown me new ways to teach and has opened different techniques of how things can be taught. In my case as a language teacher, I discovered ways to implement the 3D standards into a world language subject, which has made me transform my classes into a more student centered classroom using the cross-cutting concepts throughout my teaching. When I started this program, I was set on a course of teaching science in an elementary setting, but was transferred to a secondary position midway through the endorsement. Even though the endorsement didn’t apply to my situation in a standard way, I didn’t want to lose all of the wonderful content, strategies and methods that I learned, so I decided to transform my language instruction into a 3D language model. My classes now are more powerful and every time I plan, I try to apply what I learned from the endorsement."

Delia Bayna

Delia Bayna teaches 4th grade at Canyon Creek Elementary School.

Delia has been an educator for ten years with a passion in STEM integration.  She has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois and a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with a STEM endorsement from Weber State University.  Delia works diligently to promote STEM by providing professional development opportunities for K-6 teachers state-wide and nationally.  She is orignally from Chicago, Il and loves to play tennis.

She was honored by the Utah Science Teacher Association (UtSTA) as the Outstanding Elementary Educator in 2013. She was the Elementary Board Representative for the UtSTA from 2014-2017.  Delia also spearheaded the startup of two after school STEM clubs in Davis school district.


"Earning my STEM endorsement has been an invaluable experience.  The courses were challenging, but rewarding.  

I learned a lot about Science and Engineering Practices, Cross Cutting Concepts, and 3-Dimensional Learning. Earning the STEM endorsement has allowed me to empower my students to ask questions and improve their critical thinking skills.

Writing storylines enriched my own teaching and my students overall engagement and understanding.  Teaching and learning in my classroom will never be the same.  I am thankful for the opportunity to take the courses to earn my STEM Endorsement and I would encourage every teacher to take them too."


Valerie Boyles

Valerie Boyles is a teacher at Stewart Elementary.

Valerie earned her teaching license and a math endorsement at Utah State University and her Master’s in Instructional Design and Education Technology from the University of Utah.  She has spent the last 7 years teaching 4th, 5th, and 6th grades in a total of 3 districts and 5 schools.

"The STEM endorsement has been a life-changing experience for me and has revolutionized how I teach. The program has provided me with the skills to provide students with authentic learning experiences and use problem solving and collaboration skills. The focus in my classroom is on process and reasoning rather than simply getting the answer quickly. Before I started the program I thought STEM involved using technology constantly and building things, but I have come to learn that the focus of STEM is for students to behave like scientists and mathematicians and helping them to develop those practices. I appreciate my development through the endorsement because it has enabled me to integrate writing throughout the content areas has helped me to push 21st century learning in my classroom."

Christina Brimhall

Christina Brimhall is a fourth grade Spanish Immersion teacher at Eagle Bay Elementary School.

Christina is married to her high school sweetheart Steven and they have three fur babies:  Duggie, Snickers, and Phoebe -- all Shih Tzu's.  Christina and Steven enjoy cheering on the Denver Broncos and riding "all over Utah in their side-by-side."

This is her 3rd year teaching.  In her first year she taught a 5/6 split and then she switched to the 4th grade Spanish Immersion program at Eagle Bay.

Christina was a DAVIS District student and attended Clearfield High School.  She went on to Weber State to get her Bachelors in Elementary Education with a minor in ESL.

The last two years, as I was working towards my STEM Endorsement, I was able to become more familiar with the Cross Cutting Concepts and Science and Engineering Practices and how science is moving towards a 3D approach. It took some time to grasp, but I have loved and enjoyed being able to make connections to other subjects. Being in the Spanish Immersion Program, my teaching partner teaches the science curriculum. I knew I needed to challenge myself to find ways to incorporate the knowledge I have attained about 3D science into my classroom. For this reason, I pull in as many CCC’s and Practices I can into Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and everyday life. The students love it, because the learning is more student centered and more meaningful for them. Seeing the positive response in my classroom encourages me to continue planning my lessons this way.

Wendy Combs

Wendy Combs is a teacher at Parkside Elementary.  

Wendy is married and the mother of three teenagers, 13-15-16 that she says "keep me very busy!"  She grew up in California but came to Utah and to BYU for her Bachelors degree.  She has taught for a total of 28 years: 9 years in Rupert, Idaho; 3 in Las Vegas, Nevada; and 16 in Clinton, Utah. For the majority of those years she taught in the fifth and sixth grades with one year in third and one year in music. She has ESL endorsements from both UNLV and Davis County and taught self contained ESL classes in Las Vegas.

"I always tell my students that my main job is to teach them to think. The STEM endorsement has taught me how to do that better! I knew there had to be more to teaching science and math and direct instruction wasn't reaching all of the students.

The integrated instruction is allowing much more thinking to take place in the classroom, students are engaged and enjoying thinking for themselves. Students who were hesitant before are now active participants and those who were engaged before are now challenged to think in new ways. I love it and would love to take the classes again, I learned so much and enjoyed every class."

Kathleen Davis

Kathleen Davis teaches 8th grade science at Millcreek Junior High School.

Kathleen, or Kathy, is married to an amazing man and they have two grown children (who married amazing women!) They have one three-year-old grandchild and three wonderful grand puppies!

Her family and friends have been her continuous support and encouragement.

Kathy’s undergraduate degree is in Food Science and Technology from Oregon State University,and Kathy was a former scientist for Smucker’s Jams in Oregon.

While at Bountiful Elementary for ten years, she served as a science specialist for grades K-6 and oversaw the Science Fair.  Kathy was awarded the Davis District Science Fair Director Trophy!

Kathy returned to school at Weber State to complete her Masters of Education. Her Master’s thesis was entitled Using Children’s Literature to teach the Scientific Process.

She then taught 2nd grade and 4th grade at Centerville Elementary for 11 years. She began the STEM program when she was teaching fourth grade and is currently teaching eighth grade science at Millcreek Junior High. In addition to the STEM endorsement, Kathy is also Gifted and Talented and ESL endorsed.  

"STEM classes / practices have revitalized my approach to teaching providing opportunities for each student to use a student- focused hands - on approach to discover, retain, and apply new information that they learn. Teaching kids of all ages to see themselves as problem solvers by using exploration skills that are encouraged by the integration of curriculum is a critical component to educate students that we hope will eventually discover the new innovations of tomorrow. These classes have reinforced the necessity of using a team approach to problem solving that provides diverse student perspectives while allowing each student to think critically on their own. Adam, Tyson, Jennifer, Dixie and Angela should all be applauded for stretching the members of this cohort minds, giving all of us the confidence to not only teach while infusing STEM philosophies into our classroom but to realize the value and long term benefits of STEM education for each student."

LaiLoni Elggren

LaiLoni Elggren is a 4th grade teacher at King Elementary.

Lailoni received her teaching degree at Weber State University in Elementary Education and later earned a Gifted and Talented Endorsement from Utah State University.  She also has an ESL endorsement and now a STEM Endorsement too!

Lailoni says she lives for and loves teaching.  She devotes so much of her time and energy to her students that they become like her own children.

Davis has been lucky to have LaiLoni teaching for them for over 20 years.

LaiLoni shares one of her favorite hobbies -- playing Chess -- with her students and now coaches one of the top chess teams in the state.  When she has the time, she also enjoys playing Candy Crush.

Lailoni says her favorite thing to do though is to teach science to her fourth grade students.  She loves watching the kids get excited and curious about their surroundings.


"I have thoroughly loved the STEM program! It has changed my way I look at things and present thing to my classroom so much! I have always been a creative, hands-on teacher, but adding STEM has enhanced this process. I now am not afraid to let the student's wonderings guide the lesson and unit. I love hearing the students question things and design ways to improve upon problems in nature. I love how this STEM program has encouraged each us of on various levels to ask questions, research, use data and argue from evidence of what we have observed. Adding this piece to my classroom has been exciting. I know that not only has the student interest in science and math doubled, but is creating life-long learners and questioners, ready to change the world. This program has helped me understand the importance of having the students discover for themselves the why and how.

I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful program. I have learned so much!!! Thank you!"

Brittany Harker

Brittany Harker is a third grade teacher at Stewart Elementary.


Brittany was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but she spent most of her life in Rochester Hills, Michigan, graduating from Rochester Adams High School.  Brittany enjoys being active outside but also can be found relaxing in the sunshine reading a good book. Brittany has competed in and won a Triathlon.

Brittany has taught in several schools in Idaho and Utah and just recently joined the team at Stewart Elementary School.  Brittany has a B.S. in Elementary Education from Brigham Young University--Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho, and has several endorsements:  ESL, Biology, and now STEM!


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"The STEM [Endorsement] changed my ideas about science. My biggest "ah ha" moment was when I realized that everything (from rocks to plants to water) is just cycling. The material is either in a "reservoir" state or in motion. When I went though school, science was more hands on and less about the books. As I started teaching, I lost sight of why I loved science. This helped me better focus on the subject that I love."

Amanda Keller

Amanda Keller is the principal at Jennie P. Stewart Elementary.


Amanda received a B.S. in Elementary Education from Northeastern State University, M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Colorado, and a M.S. in Educational Leadership from Western Governors University. She also holds endorsements in reading, advanced reading, and STEM. During her 15 years in education, Amanda has worked as an elementary teacher, college instructor, literacy coach, and school administrator. Amanda joined Davis School District in 2012 after several years in Colorado and Oklahoma.

Amanda is married and a mother of two elementary aged children. 

"The STEM endorsement program has strengthened my belief in using an integrated curriculum to teach our students. To prepare our students to be successful members of society and the workplace, we need to use curriculum that matches our complex way of life and work. In our daily lives at home and at work, skills are not used in isolation and therefore should not be taught completely in isolation. STEM, especially 3D science, naturally fosters skills that are vital to 21st century learning, such as, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. The collective use of cross cutting concepts, science and engineering practices, and science content is an exciting step toward a fully integrated curriculum in our 21st century classrooms."

Alicia Madsen

Alicia Madsen is a 6th grade teacher at Stewart Elementary.

Alicia is in her 7th year of teaching with 6 of those years in the 6th grade.  Alicia earned her Bachelor's from Weber State University and is currently working towards a Master's degree in curriculum and instruction.  Alicia also has an ESL endorsement.

"Originally when I was presented with the opportunity to apply for the STEM endorsement I was enthusiastic to be part of the new buzz in education, STEM. Upon completion of the program I now realize that STEM is not a buzz word or a fad, it is a shift in pedagogy, a complete mindset change and an opportunity for my students to engage in learning as 21st century learners. Completing this program has allowed me to make dramatic impacts on the quantity and quality of student thinking and learning in my classroom. Students are driving the learning while I am only a facilitator to assist them in organizing their thinking and allowing for purposeful discourse. Implementing the Science and Engineering Practices into my classroom has integrated into all subject areas. They correlate with the Mathematics Practice Standards and also couple well with the “Four C’s” of critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity and innovation. I know that the skills and strategies my students practice in the classroom will serve them well as they enter into the rapidly changing global community. These skills will help to prepare them for success well beyond the classroom."

Tammi Neese

Tammi Neese teaches second grade at Crestview Elementary.

Tammi grew up in Davis County and she says she “loved it!” After graduating from Viewmont High School, Tammi went to Southern Utah University for two years. She then took a break from school to save money and serve an LDS mission in Dallas, Texas. After returning from her mission, she attended school at Weber State University and graduated in December of 2002 with a BA in Elementary Education. While attending WSU, she met her “amazing” husband and shortly after graduating, they welcomed their first son into their family. They have since added two more sons and are expecting another baby this summer. In Tammi’s spare time, she loves to read and quilt. Tammi says she hasn’t traveled much, but has fallen in love with the few places she has visited. Her family also enjoys camping and she says “being in nature brings about wonders for me.”

"I wanted to join the STEM endorsement program because although I loved teaching science I didn't feel like I had a very good background and understanding about the science topics I was teaching. I love mathematics, and that it was a part of the endorsement excited me. I want students to feel like they can be good at anything they want to be. So, I wanted to be better at science and this was a way for me to do that, and show my students that it is never too late to learn new things! I have come to understand that the science of today is about having wonders and trying to construct an explanation for why things happen. STEM is about asking questions and looking for patterns. It involves designing solutions to things and planning and carrying out investigations to recreate what we have seen. STEM is for everyone and is our future. Being endorsed, for me, means that I can help my students to better have the tools they need for our growing world. They can become the problem solvers of tomorrow."

Melissa Norman

Melissa Norman teaches at Odyssey Elementary School.

Melissa received a Bachelors in Elementary Education at Utah State University. Later she got her Master’s degree in Education from Southern Utah University. She has completed her Math, ESL, and STEM endorsement. She has been teaching for eight years and has been involved in all grade levels. Melissa loves the outdoors! She stays active by camping, fishing, hiking, and boating. Melissa also has the travel bug and has visited many countries where she loves to try new food, languages, and cultures.

"If you are considering a STEM endorsement…. I highly recommend taking these classes! It has not made me a better teacher, but has allowed me to have some “Eureka” moments myself! These classes have taught me how to look at Phenomenon and try to figure out how something occurs or functions. Through strategies and science concepts, I am better at seeing the overall picture where students need to go, and how to build upon concepts. This program hasn’t just changed the way I teach science, but the way I teach all subjects! Seeing the students have their own “aha” moments has made teaching more rewarding!"

Tamra Owens

Tamra teaches 5th Grade at West Point Elementary School

Tamra is married with 3 boys who have all grown up.  She loves to explore nature and travel mountain trails each summer on an ATV Ranger side-by-side with her parents.

This is Tamra's 20th year in the classroom including several years at Hill Field and Crestview Elementary Schools.  Tamra received her Bachelor's Degree from WSU in 1995, and she also has an ESL endorsement. 

Tamra grew up on a farm and says she has "always been drawn to the outdoors, which has led to questions about how the world works and led to my interest in science."


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"The classes for the STEM endorsement have been amazing and I will miss them. I have learned new ways of connecting science concepts and learning procedures to methods used in math and reading. I have been able to connect an engineering project to a Language Arts Unit in McGraw Hill, as well as current environmental issues. This endorsement has led to a new way of thinking about how I engage students in the learning process, making them more involved in discovery and leading to more personal connections to the world they live in."


Piia Pehap

Piia Pehap is an instructional coach for Vae View and Wasatch Elementary Schools.


Piia Pehap (pronounced Pea-ah Bay-hop) dreamed of becoming an architect but somehow ended up in education. Although Piia was mostly raised in Minnesota, she was born in New York to a father in the military and then married a man in the Air Force so she has lived with her four children, two sons and two daughters, in a total of eleven states. She earned her first degree in Elementary Education from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN. Later while her husband was stationed at Holliman Air Force Base, she taught school in Alamogordo, NM and earned her Master’s in Mathematics Education with a Math Coach Certificate from New Mexico State University. Although Piia has been in Utah less than two years, she will finish her Elementary STEM Endorsement this fall which she feels has been effective preparation for the shift in teaching aspired to by the 8 X 8 Project. Piia currently works as a math coach at Vae View and Wasatch Elementary in Davis School District, enjoys three grandsons, and is enjoying making new friends in Utah.

"I love the instructional shifts that the new math standards have effected. And what I’ve learned is that STEM has aligned with similar instructional shifts. It’s all about the pedagogy. These shifts have enlivened students and their engagement in their subject matter. It honors all learners and affords teachers a window into student thinking so that we can take them to the next level."

Adrienne Pugmire

Adrienne Pugmire is a fourth grade teacher at Endeavour Elementary School.


Adrienne has been married for 17 years and has three active boys. Adrienne can be found on the ski slopes up Little Cottonwood Canyon every Saturday from opening day to closing day. She enjoys all things crafty (sewing, quilting, preserving memories) and being with her family working hard, but playing harder.

This is her 3rd year teaching in Davis School District. She began her teaching career with Granite School District, followed by Prince George’s and Anne Arundel Counties in Maryland, and Hampton City, Virginia.

Adrienne is originally from St. George, Utah, graduating from Pine View High School. Following in her grandmother’s footsteps, she is a graduate of the University of Utah with a Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education. 

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Being a part of the STEM Endorsement program has unleashed an inner passion about Science I didn’t know existed. Learning the Science Practices and Skills through the lenses of Cross Cutting Concepts has been very powerful in my teaching career in all academic areas. This has led to a new way of thinking and how I engage students in the learning process. Allowing students to question, wonder, and to be real scientists has proven successful in making connections to the world we live in. Teaching science has been something I look forward to each day. The passion is real, and I hope for others to catch the spirit of 3D Science. My goal is for my students to be just as giddy as I am about science and have a desire to learn more."

Caprice Robinett

Caprice Robinett is a fourth grade teacher at Lakeside Elementary School.


Caprice says she married "a wonderful man," and they have had 5 "amazing" children: ages 9, 6, 6, 4, and 1. Caprice loves being a very busy mom and enjoys making lots of family memories doing things like hunting, fishing, camping, and dancing. Caprice also loves to garden and to spend time with her friends.

Caprice has taught for 9 years in Davis District in grades 2, 4, 5, and 6.  She has spent the majority of those years in 4th grade at Lakeside where she also advises the after school STEM club.  

Caprice grew up in the Davis District and graduated with Honors from Layton High School. She attended Weber State with a full ride scholarship and obtained a composite degree in Elementary and Special Education.

"I have been amazed how much the STEM endorsement has helped me become a better teacher, person, and parent. It is my goal to get the students intrigued enough to want to dive in and experiment. The students I have worked with and my own children, have been more energized to learn and they have taken so much pride in what they are learning in class. I originally signed up because I did the STEM club and wanted some ideas of what STEM was, but I never thought I would grow so much from the experience. I hope that all students have a chance to get the 3D learning and bring back all the excitement in life and curiosity. It has been an amazing addition to my teaching skills and to any student that passes me. I am proud to say that I am STEM endorsed along with all the other amazing teachers that did it along with me."

Jami Spencer

Jami Spencer is a fourth grade teacher at Fremont Elementary School.


Jami started her career at Oak Hills Elementary teaching grades 5 and 6  before happily settling into her fourth grade classroom at Fremont Elementary.  She is in her 17th year of teaching.  

Jami graduated Magna Cum Laude from Southern Utah University where she earned her bachelor's degree in Elementary Education with a minor in music.  While finishing her first degree, she took online classes for an Art degree from Art Instruction School. She went on to earn a Master's Degree in Education from the University of Utah.    With this background, Jami definitely qualifies as a STEAM teacher!

Jami is married and has one "amazing" son.  The family enjoys playing games, travelling, and going to hockey games.  Jami still enjoys drawing and continues to develop her art skills recently taking up painting as a new hobby.  

"I signed up for the STEM endorsement program because I had been hearing about STEM and knew that would soon be coming to all the schools. I was intrigued and I wanted to get a jump start on this “STEM thing” I kept hearing about. The first couple days of class I wasn’t so sure that I had made the right decision, but I decided to give it a chance. I am so very thankful that I continued on with the program because I have learned new ways to better engage all of my students and I have been able to open up my mind and the minds of my students to new ways of thinking. I love that my classroom has become even more student-centered and that the students have gained a deeper understanding of the content while making connections with the world around them."

Suzi Warburton

Suzanne Warburton teaches at Ellison Park Elementary.


Suzanne received an Associate of Science degree from Snow College in 1984. After many years of raising a family, she returned to college (while three of her own children were attending) and received her bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Weber State University (Cum Laude) in 2008. She is in her ninth year of teaching both first and second grades, all of them at Ellison Park Elementary. She now has an ESL and a STEM endorsement. She has been married for thirty years and has five children and two beautiful granddaughters. She loves to garden, go camping, hiking, fishing, and anything outdoors with her husband.

"When I first got the email about the STEM endorsement, I jumped at the chance to join. I have always loved teaching science and math, and I felt like this was a way to be a better teacher in those subjects. The other reason I wanted to be STEM endorsed was so I could learn how to bring engineering lessons into my classroom. I teach first grade. Our language arts curriculum includes several selections that deal with engineering: "Building Bridges" and "The Story of a Robot." With this endorsement, I can now integrate engineering and science into my language arts curriculum.

I have loved my experience in the STEM program. The teachers and professors have been fabulous! I've made new friends. I have learned so many things about all subjects STEM, and I'm grateful to have been accepted into this program."

Wendy Wardell

Wendy Wardell teaches at Sand Springs Elementary School.


Wendy and Christopher have been married for 34 years, have raised three children, and have 7 grandchildren.  Wendy is a very active person having played volleyball throughout her time in school and having now completed 2 marathons.  She and her family enjoy riding both bikes and 4-wheelers especially while camping.  Wendy's hobbies include doodling, math, and science, which may explain her interest in the STEM endorsement.  

Wendy earned her Bachelors from Weber State University and has a Masters degree in curriculum from National University in San Diego.  She has an ELL and a  Level 1 Math Endorsement..  

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"I love science and observing and figuring out how things work I think as a teacher this program gave me confidence to run my classroom just like the above mentioned. I'm a visual learner and it has always been important for me that kids understand the "why" behind how things work. Even more important is that they can discover the reason."

Liz Wiser

Liz is a 6th grade teacher at Bountiful Elementary School.

Liz and her husband are the parents of four children. Liz says she loves teaching in Davis School District where families and educators value education. Liz received her Bachelors of Science degree from Weber State University and has taught for 8 years in Davis School District, mostly in 5th or 6th grade, as well as 3 years privately outside of the district.

Liz has served as an Elementary Science Specialist and Music Specialist. At her current school, Liz is always busy as she also runs the Exploratory MESA program and the LEGO Mindstorms Robotics team. She is also involved in producing the school musical. 

Liz had a great educational opportunity on a Study Abroad program with BYU to London, England, where she studied British Literature and Art History. Her next favorite educational opportunity has been getting her STEM endorsement from WSU.


The STEM program has been a career altering experience for me. I have had several epiphanies about learning while earning this endorsement:

  • STEM is not just about technology, engineering, and robotics. It is about noticing, wondering, asking, trying, analyzing, calculating, revising, and communicating evidence to support your ideas. These skills are interdisciplinary and raise the quality and depth of learning in all subject 
  •  There are “cross-cutting concepts” that can be found and applied across all science.  
  • The way to motivate a student to learn is to let them ask their own questions and then help them explore to find their own answers.
  • The person doing the talking is the person doing the learning. Students should communicate more and teachers should communicate less.
  • Students should “do” science rather than just “learn about” science.
  • Having to struggle is a sure way to know you are growing.


Michelle Avondet

Michelle and her husband have five children ages 15, 11, 11, 18 months and a newborn!  Michelle was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. She lived in Dothan, Alabama, for five years before moving to Utah and attending Western Governor's University from which she received her degree in Interdisciplinary Education K-8.

Michelle has substituted and interned at schools in Arizona, Alabama, and Utah. She has been a full-time teacher for three years. She taught for one year in 5th grade and for the last two years in 3rd grade. STEM will be her first endorsement!

"I am always reminding my students that my job as a teacher is not to give them answers but to guide them to find their own answers. STEM has taught me that students learn when their curiosity is provoked. When students oversee their own learning, they become, interested and engaged in their own education. I learned Cross Cutting Concepts and Science and Engineering Practices that helped me learn how to guide students rather than teach students. My job is a facilitator, their job is to be curious, to wonder and ask questions to guide their research, analyze information and discover the answers to the questions they have. I have learned so much about myself, my students and how to become a cutting-edge teacher. I am excited to continually apply the knowledge gained from STEM to help my students to learn the necessary information to enter into an employment opportunity that has yet to be invented by the time they graduate."