STEM Endorsed Teachers

STEM Endorsed Teachers

A very dedicated and hard working group of teachers recently earned the first ever Elementary STEM Endorsement.  This endorsement means that not only have the teachers expanded their knowledge in the subjects of science, math, engineering, and technology, but more importantly, have also learned an entirely new philosophical basis from which to teach.  

STEM is a distinct set of instructional practices where rigorous academic concepts are coupled with real-world, problem-based lessons. It requires a major pedagogical shift as teachers come out from behind the desk, the protective pedestal of knowledge, and students become active learners exerting control of their own educational outcomes.  It is one thing to be told how the world works through the eyes of a scientist or engineer and a whole different thing when invited to figure out how the world works for yourself.

Earning a STEM Endorsement requires over 300 hours of class time and study over a period of two years.  Classes are taught at both the Weber State University (WSU) main campus in Ogden and the WSU-Davis campus in Clearfield.  The courses include foundational topics such as "The Nature of Science and Engineering" and "Problem-Solving and Logic," integrated Science and Engineering courses in Forces, Matter, and Energy, and a capstone course on specific teaching practices with a focus on integration.

For more information, contact Tyson Grover at or visit Weber State University's STEM Endorsement page.

The following teachers and administrators have earned their STEM Endorsements: