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VEX Robotics

Robotics is not only fun, it also immerses students in the areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math,) subjects that otherwise might seem too boring or too difficult.  As students advance through a robotics program, they also advance in engineering and computer programming, developing skills that prepare them for a wide range of potential careers.  Competition clubs provide a community where students make friends and connect with other students with similar interests.  As students prepare for competitions, they develop teamwork, perseverance, collaboration, project management, and critical thinking -- all areas that are essential to success in the 21st Century workplace.


VEX Educational Robotics (EDR) is a robotics construction system for students from middle school to college. 

  • VEX Robotics is distinguished by its built-in and immediate motivation: beginners can build drivable robots in a few hours
  • EDR is a sturdy and versatile component system with endless design possibilities
  • students learn the engineering design process as they design, build, and code their robots
  • develops a wide range of skills with emphasis on creativity and problem solving
  • programming options allow students to advance from a simple drag and drop interface to text based coding to C++
  • competitions award students for teamwork, robot construction, robot design, driving skills, programming skills, and more

VEX IQ is a snap together robotics system for students from elementary to middle school.

  • fun, engaging, hands-on learning perfect for students with an interest in real robotics
  • VEX IQ features a video game style interface that is familiar to students
  • VEX IQ also features graphical programming that builds on knowledge of Scratch
  • students discover talents as artists, organizers, builders, and designers
  • students develop cognitive skills in computational thinking and problem solving as well as social, emotional skills in perseverance and resilience
  • students learn engineering and programming fundamentals that lead naturally to VEX EDR



The Davis Rookie Invitational

Creekside Comets

A grant from the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation helped 30 Davis Schools add VEX Robotics to their STEM programs in 2018-2019.  The Rookie Invitational allowed novice teams such as the Creekside Comets to experience their first competition in a supportive environment.



Information on all VEX robotic events can be found at robotevents.com

Davis Schools With VEX Robotics

High Schools

Davis High School - Dane Leifson

Layton High School - Steven Richards

Syracuse High School - Geoff Warren

Woods Cross High School - Bob Hawkes

Junior High Schools

Bountiful Junior High School - Wes Gold

Centennial Junior High School -

Centerville Junior High School - Delia Bayna

Central Davis Junior High School - Shawn Gardner

Fairfield Junior High School - Dustin Gardner

Farmington Junior High School -Jali Page, Tim Robinett


Kaysville Junior High School -Payden Littlefield

Millcreek Junior High School -Katy Wilson

North Davis Junior High School -Ann Riding

North Layton Junior High School -Jonathan Lai

Shoreline Junior High School -

Syracuse Junior High School -Jessica Constant


Antelope Elementary - Tracey Saxey

Burton Elementary - Lydia Jones, Angela Eggett

Cook Elementary - Thomas Holbrook

Creekside Elementary - Suzanne Blankinship, Laura Jensen

Crestview Elementary - Brittney Welch, Kathy Johnson, Emily Tanner

Doxey Elementary -  Norah Baron, Bethany Carlton

Eagle Bay Elementary - David Fernandez

East Layton Elementary -Brenda Lanham, Heather Nance, Patricia Farris

Elementary Schools

Farmington Elementary - Ann Bradley

Foxborro Elementary - Susan Case Harry

Kaysville Elementary - Debbie Olson, Jennifer Slater, Jayann Mansfield

King Elementary - Lailoni Elgrren, Troy Taylor

Knowlton Elementary - Rebecca Wendt, Pam Molyneaux

Muir Elementary -Jessica Christensen, Angela Robinson

Oak Hills Elementary - Cassie Earl, Kerry Tilley, Robin Reynolds

Odyssey Elementary - Stacy Redd, Christine Romano




Orchard Elementary - Erica Brown, Sara Wilson

Reading Elementary - Lynette Shupe

Sand Springs Elementary -Grant Hall, Lisa Bodily, RaeAnn Shelley

Stewart Elementary - Suzanne Hatch, Shuang Hatch

Syracuse Elementary -Katie Brown, Shelley Wilson

Valley View Elementary - Sara Weston, Sherilynne McKee

West Bountiful Elementary - Susan Earnshaw, Greta Pollard

Windridge Elementary - Dianne Bell, Heather Harris

Summary of the 2018-2019 VEX Robotics Season

VEX VRC-- High School Division

  • ~190 students from Davis School District participated
  • 38 Davis teams competed in one or more of the 8 regional competitions leading to the state tournament
  • 8 Davis teams qualified for the Utah State Championship
  • At the state competition, 5 Davis teams from Davis High School qualified for the World Championships
  • Davis High School sent all 5 teams (22 students) to the World Championship

VEX IQ – Middle School Division

  • ·         ~260 students from Davis School District
  • ·         52 Davis teams competed in one or more of 8 regional competitions
  • ·         18 Davis teams qualified for the Utah VEX IQ State Championship - Middle School Division
  • ·         At the state competition, 1 Davis team from Syracuse Jr. High School qualified for the World Championship
  • ·         Syracuse Jr. High School sent 1 team (4 students) to the World Championship

VEX IQ – Elementary School Division

  • ·         ~420 students from Davis School District
  • ·         84 Davis teams competed in one or more of 11 regional competitions
  • ·         14 Davis teams qualified for the Utah VEX IQ State Championship  - Elementary School Division
  • ·         At the state competition, 2 Davis teams qualified for the World Championship

2018-2019 Season Results


Going into the World Championships, April 24-30, 2019, in Louisville, Kentucky, the Davis High School team, the Mythical Majestic Mantis, was ranked second in the world!

At the Utah VRC Championship on February 23, 2019, Davis High School qualified a number of teams for the World Championship. Davis High School teams were named Tournament Champions, Tournament Finalists, Robot Skills Champion, and also won several special awards for Innovate, Design,  and Think. 

Complete results are available at https://www.robotevents.com/robot-competitions/vex-robotics-competition/RE-VRC-18-5063.html.


At the Utah state VEX IQ Challenge on February 16, 2019, Syracuse Junior High School earned the top honors winning the Excellence Award, the 2nd Place Teamwork Champion Awards, and the Robot Skills Champion Award. 

Other winning teams came from Central Davis and North Layton Junior High Schools and from Burton, Knowlton, and Windridge Elementary Schools.

Complete results for the Middle School Division are available at


Complete results for the Elementary Division are available at


The Davis Rookie Invitational

A grant from the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation brought VEX IQ to twenty Davis elementary schools in 2018.  The Rookie Invitational was created to help ease the students from these schools into competition.  At the Invitational, held on February 2, 2019, Antelope Elementary earned the top honors winning the Excellence Award, the Teamwork Champion Awards, and the Robot Skills Champion Award. 

“Those Kids,” team 84776A, took top honors with the Excellence Award.  The alliance between 84776A and “Antelope Tech,” team 84776B, earned the two teams the Teamwork Champion Award.  Team 84776B also won the Robot Skills Champion Award and the Think Award.

Other Awards:

School                                                   Award                                   Team Name

Odyssey Elementary                       Amaze Award                     Buzz

West Bountiful Elementary            Build Award                        BearCubRobotix

Muir Elementary                              Create Award                     Muir Robotics

North Davis Jr High                         Design Award                    Norsemen

Foxboro Elementary                        Energy Award                    FoxBots               

Syracuse Elementary                      Inspire Award                    Syracuse Stingers

Sand Springs Elementary             J udges Award                    Rocky Mountain Stallions

For complete results:


Rookie Invitational

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VEX Robotics 2
VEX Robotics 3
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