Online Textbook Login Information for grades 7-12

You can access your science textbook through your Office 365 account and the Clever app using your school email and password. Simply login to office 365, click on the 9-dot-square in the upper left corner, and click on or search for the Clever app. Click on the Clever app, and once there search for the Discovery Education app. If you click the heart on the app, it will place the app in your Favorite Resources at the top of the page so you can find it more easily.  

To access District approved apps and programs in Clever:

Step by step instructions:

  • Go to the Davis School District homepage, then click on Select a School at the top of the page and find the school your child attends.
  • Click on Quicklinks located in the upper right corner of the school website.
  • In the 'School Links' section located at the top of Quicklinks, click on Student Resources
    • The programs and apps listed in the 'Programs with an Office 365 Login (Clever) section are apps that have been approved by the District and allow students to sign in using a single sign on with their Office 365 usernames/passwords.  
  • Click on one of the apps then click on the Login with Office 365 button and if prompted, login with the student login (student_username@go.dsdmail.net) and password. You will then see the Clever dashboard. Click on the app a second time to get instant access to the app. 

Accounts for the Discovery Education materials are created based on student registration in 7th Grade Science, 8th Grade Science, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics courses. Students in science elective courses, or AP, IB, and CE science courses may have other course materials or texts.  If you experience problems accessing course materials, talk to your teacher, and they will work with the Teaching and Learning department to resolve problems.