Online Textbook Login Information for grades 9-12

To login to the online textbook go to


Once at the website use the format described below to login into the textbook.  

  • USERNAME: The username is the student's email user name with "dsd" in front.

    • example:  12jphyatt@go.dsdmail.net preceded by the letters "dsd"  with no space  ►  dsd12jphyatt

  • PASSWORD: The password is the  student's PIN preceded by the letters "dsd"

    • example:  123456 preceded by the letters "dsd" with no space   ►   dsd123456

Remember accounts are created for you already, and access to materials is dependent on your registration in a teacher's classroom.  All of your books will automatically show up in your account as long as you are registered for that class.  If your book does not show up at first give it some time and you will be added during the next few days.  If you are still experiencing problems please talk to your teacher.  


There are also mobile apps available for both iOS and Android devices.  The app is called
"McGraw-Hill K-12 ConnectED" and can be found in the app store of these devices.