Science Safety

Let's talk science safety. The responsibility of managing safety is in the hands of students and teachers in the room. It is up to the teacher and class to create an environment based on clear procedures and rules that promote proper lab safety. It is best to attack this issue with strong procedures and rules which prevent risky behavior around hazards so it doesn't become an issue in the classroom. 

There are two major requirements that need to be fulfill at the beginning of the year each year. The first is for students and parents (junior high and high school) to accept the district lab safety contract, usually done in their MYDSD accounts. Both parents and students will see the document as a "form" that must be digitally accepted.

DSD Lab Safety Agreement

Students will then be required to take the lab safety test which is also done through their MYDSD account. Students are required to obtain 100% on the test. Repeat testing will be available until they achieve 100%.