Science Lab Safety

Safety in science classrooms and labs is of the utmost importance. Science is best learned through the practices of scientists and engineers, which often includes lab experiments that use tools, equipment, chemicals and materials that could be hazardous if not used with care. Students in a science classroom are expected to follow their teacher's instructions and laboratory procedures in order to maintain a safe learning environment for themselves and their peers.

Lab Safety Requirements 

Before students can participate in lab activities in their science classroom, they must fulfill two requirements: 

  1. Students and parents must review and accept the DSD Lab Safety Agreement through myDSD. You can review the DSD Lab Safety Agreement below. 
    DSD Lab Safety Agreement
  2. Students must pass the DSD Lab Safety Test. Students will be provided with instruction about Lab Safety and expectations in their science class. Students will then be required to take the lab safety test through their myDSD account. Students are required to pass with 100% and will be provided multiple opportunities until they achieve 100%.